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Easy Canvas Prints Update

On Friday I received my package from Easy Canvas Prints, which included my custom photo canvas — the picture of my children that I’m going to continue posting over and over on this blog until a few months from now when I realized that they’ve all changed again and I need yet another picture where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera.

Yo. It’s us Cincos again.

The package was wrapped well with a note to OPEN WITH CARE on the outside. Of course my kids immediately brought me a giant fish-gutting knife/machete and wanted to start hacking away. Sorry, kids. I opened with care and saw my 8×10 custom photo canvas:


My camera seems to have made it a little darker and more red than it actually looks in real life. I couldn’t use the flash because it created a glare.

My children! My favorite booster seat! My front porch! All captured forever and ever on a custom photo canvas, thanks to Easy Canvas Prints.

Seriously, it’s gorgeous. Really beautifully done, really well made and I’m really happy with it. Also, now that I’m a fan of Easy Canvas Prints on Facebook I get awesome coupons for great deals. I recommend the company highly and the product too. In my last post about Easy Canvas Prints, I wrote about how easy it was to navigate the website and order a custom photo canvas. The next time you need a custom photo gift for someone — or yourself! — consider Easy Canvas Prints.

And now for another recommendation: this is NOT sponsored content, but a cool item I found when I was wasting time on Amazon recently

It’s a hair brush that looks like a dog brush, but it’s specifically for removing tangles. I bought it at a local beauty supply store, and tried it on My Masterpiece, who has thick hair that gets knotted. She SCREAMED. I was using it wrong. It works perfectly on wet hair — although the instructions say it can be used on either wet or dry hair. Trust me, don’t use it on dry hair. Use it after a shower, or spray your child’s hair with water before using it. I’ve used it on all three girls and it removes tangles — as well as the drama that comes with hair-brushing.


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