Hating on Mommy Bloggers Who Hate on Mommy Bloggers: Pioneer Woman

I know I’ve discussed how there’s this phenomenon of bloggers hating on other bloggers. And also, there’s whole website for it! (Don’t worry, they don’t hate me. But only because they don’t know me.)

Facepalm (Flickr: julia_at_flickr)

But I digress. I found a website about Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman. I read her first book — which is mostly comprised of blog posts but I didn’t realize she was a blogger at the time — and found it sort of charming. She was in law school, planning to become a big-city attorney, when she fell in love with a cowboy and now lives in the middle of freaking nowhere with a big family and a farm.

(I totally related. I’m not sure what I intended to do, but it wasn’t have five kids and homeschool and live in North Carolina.)

Anyway, here’s a blog that criticizes Ree’s reasons for homeschooling her kids. The blogger criticizes the following, gleaned from info Ree has mentioned in her blog:

  1. She didn’t like the long bus ride her kids had to take to get to school.
  2. She was too damn lazy to want to drive them there and back herself.
  3. Schooling at home means the kids are available to do more chores on the ranch. (Child labor FTW!)
  4. Homeschooling can be “cool”, so it’s socially acceptable now.
  5. If she plays her cards right, her girls will be able to take over all the educational responsibilities for the younger boys, and Ree will be
  6. free to go pick her toes while wearing her holey yoga pants and smelling Charlie’s feet**.
The author of the blog notes that Ree is giving homeschoolers a bad name. To which I say PLEASE. You’re giving women a bad name by tearing apart another woman whose reasons for homeschooling are perfectly acceptable, in my opinion.
1. The long bus ride 
Apparently Ree lives 20 miles from school, and the bus would pick up the kids at 6am and bring them home at 5:30PM. I think that’s ridiculous. When you send your kid to school, they’re already gone for 8 or 9 hours a day; when you tack on 3 hours of transportation, that’s seeing your child for approximately 2 hours per day. Unless you deprive them of sleep. What parent thinks that seeing your kid for 2 hours a day is good enough?
2.She’s too lazy to drive them there and back again
And I’m too lazy to make four lunches a day. Also, I’m too cheap to spend the money it would cost to drive 80 miles per day for my kid to go to public school. Not lazy, in my opinion; rather pragmatic.
(Flickr: epSos.de)
3. Child Labor
Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it! In all honesty, this is a family that lives on a large farm. And they’re a family made up of four children and two adults. In my experience, large families need more people to keep them running. More people make more messes; more people need to clean up. Also, I think her husband’s family have been ranchers or farmers or whatever for years. So, if any of the kids are going to take up ranching or farming, it’s integral to learn it.
4. Homeschool can be cool
I don’t read PW enough to know this, but apparently she has some issue with not being cool. In general, I’ve yet to find any conventionally cool homeschoolers, but the thing about homeschoolers is that most of us are NOT conventional. By the rules that are made rules by conventional society, we’re not cool. That’s fine with me. And yet the decree-ers of coolness occasionally deign to think it’s hip that my kids wake up whenever they want and know how to talk to adults. Whatever. It may be a lame reason to homeschool, but I really think she meant that homeschooled children can be just like other children. Which is true. The minute school is out, our doorbell rings from all the neighborhood kids (after they’ve done their homework).

Homeschool (Flickr: whgrad)

5. The Older Girls Can Teach the Younger Boys
Again, my reaction is: this is a problem why, exactly? I don’t think that just because I’m older and bigger, I should be the ultimate authority on reading and writing. My kids can teach each other. As soon as I wrote that sentence, I immediately asked The Informant to read to Cousin It. And now they’re both out of my hair, and I only have the baby trying to nurse while I type this. WINNING!
6. Doing nothing and eating bon-bons
I am not even going to address the dog-foot-smelling because I don’t even want to think about that — but I do try to dremmel my dog’s nails regularly, so I know they usually stink. Anyway, we moms do a lot. Especially homeschooling moms with a bunch of kids — never mind a farm. We deserve a chance to do nothing and eat bon-bons once in a while.
Anyway, LAY OFF REE. She takes great pictures and she posts great recipes and I like her blog!

3 Responses

  1. Man if homeschooling is now cool someone needs to tell all the people around me. I get nothing but grief for homeschooling my son. LOL! I never knew PW homeschooled her kids. I like her even more now. 🙂

  2. Wow, that made me excited to check out her blog. A lot of her reasons to homeschool are mine as well AND i only live minutes from the school that my kids would go to. the fact of the matter is it doesnt matter what our reasons are! Our childrens education is our responsibility as parents and if we choose to be the teacher thats our right. people get so defensive and have to put others down to make themselves feel better.

    you might regret telling me to check out your blog. i am going to comment on everything!

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