Memorial Day 2012

One of the advantages to homeschooling the kids is that I get to re-learn things that I probably learned back in school but have since completely forgotten. Like Memorial Day.

For years, I thought of Memorial Day only as the holiday that immediately followed my birthday, rendering my birthday weekend quiet as many of my friends and family went out of town for reasons which had nothing to do with my birthday, a fact which I found totally ridiculous.

I may have been a little self-absorbed as a younger person. I was an only child!

The Informant saw this picture and said, “Look! It’s me!”

Now I know in more detail what is Memorial Day. Memorial Day honors those who have died in Military service to the United States.

Off the top of my head, I do not know anyone personally who died in Military service. All three of my grandfathers served in the military (my maternal grandfather who died when I was a teenager; the only grandfather I knew; and my paternal grandfather). Pa, My Chemical Romance’s grandpa, served, as well as his other grandfather who just passed away. Pa knew men who died. I am sure my brother-in-law, Nathan, who served in the Marines and is now a reservist in the Army, knows people who died.

I’m sure that many people I know from my former life in Yuma, Arizona — home of Marine Corps Air Station Yuma — know fallen servicemen and women.

In honor of Memorial Day, we’re going to go to the Vietnam Veteran’s memorial at the State Capital, as well as the  Veteran’s cemetery in Raleigh to honor some of our fallen veterans.

(Credit: Flickr/carlwwycoff)

Have a wonderful Memorial Day, whatever you are doing!


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