Easy Canvas Prints

This is a big day — I ordered a 8×10 custom photo on canvas from Easy Canvas Prints and the photograph I used includes Cousin It.


Hooray! I’m finally in a picture!

While I am good about taking pics, I’m horrible about printing and framing them. I have a few from when we first moved into our Charlotte house — but of course, My Masterpiece was a baby and Cousin It didn’t exist. They’re old pictures. When someone from Easy Canvas Prints contacted me about sponsoring a post, I said yes immediately emailed back with some questions.

Y’all know, I blog with integrity, so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t putting my name on anything that uses really harsh chemicals or child labor. The only child labor I support is that of my own children, who are currently doing dishes and putting away laundry while I type this. 

Joshua from Easy Canvas Prints responded that they do not use harsh chemicals — nor employ children. Additionally, they have a history of community involvement and donation through their parent company, BuildASign, via Canvas for a Cause. Easy Canvas Prints is also an American-based company; they’re located in Austin.

Today I uploaded this picture (yes, you’ve seen it before, and you’ll continue to see it, because I have five kids and don’t often get a picture of all of them smiling and looking at the camera. I’ll probably use this for the next three or four months or two years)

It was really easy to use the website and upload. There are tons of suggestions if you happen to stumble upon the site and don’t have an artistic vision. I had choices of canvas size, thickness of edges, information about the photograph quality, the wrapping around the frame and an option to add hooks. Check out was a breeze too. Now I just have to wait about a week for the final product!

If you “like” Easy Canvas Prints on Facebook, you’ll get codes for coupons and discounts. Including their Memorial Day Buy One Get One sale with free shipping (Offer expires May 28, so get on it!)

I’ll share more when I get my custom photo canvas, which should be next week.


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