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10 Things I Want to do When I’m 33

1. Stop biting my nails. I would say I’m about 90% done biting my nails, but I still gnaw on them once in a while. Sadly this usually leads to a bleeding nail and PAIN. I’m hoping this will be the year I get it.

2. Continue cracking my knuckles with Reckless Abandon. Because, unlike the nail-biting thing, cracking my knuckles doesn’t hurt and despite the fact that I’ve been doing it for 28 years, my knuckles do not resemble those of giant hand-dragging apes.

Keep on crackin’, Erika. (Credit: Flickr/Duane Burdick)

3. Groom more regularly. I’ll leave exactly what grooming I’m talking about up to your imagination.

4. Yet Shower less regularly. Because sometimes it feels a little OCD — I’m a human being who does not ever exercise; I smell like a sedentary human being. ***Note: I will not start this task til it gets cold out. So, approximately November.***

5. Continue Stalking Knowledgable Folk. I might have emailed Marion Nestle yesterday after reading a brilliant article to which she contributed, asking for some advice on vitamins. She might have answered, “I don’t know you and I have no freaking clue what you should do.” Despite this, I will persevere.

6. And Also, Sometimes Keep My Mouth Shut. That’s a hard one, but I think 33 is a good age in which to learn some discernment.

Just shut it. (Credit: Flickr/AliciaV)

7. Try to be Happy Rather Than Right. Another difficult one. The thing is, most people believe they’re right all the time. Including me. I’ll try to keep that knowledge on the DL this year.

8. Finish a NaNo Even if that Means Going Past 50,000 Words. Because what happens is, I get to 49,000 words (by some miracle) and suddenly realize I only have 1000 words in which to kill off a bunch of people, reunite the heroine with her long-lost love, and rescue a dog. Then I proceed to condense it into one sucky chapter and not look at it ever again.

9. Pay for the person in line behind me. I know that a lot of people do this, but I’ve never actually done it. I read on Facebook today that my friend Emily did it — way to go, Emily! And I hope someday to be behind you in line.

10. Donate $9 on the 9th. This is another one I’ve read about online. I mostly want to give money to the Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Foundation, since Animal and Mineral are TTTS survivors.

Clockwise from top left: My mom, me, Mineral (donor twin), my Oma and Animal (recipient twin). You can see that Animal was big and red, while Mineral was small and pale.

I’ll have to update this once in a while to keep you all informed of my progress.

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