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Weekend Recap and Five Kid Guilt

This weekend I was at Miss Manners’ house with Cousin It, while My Chemical Romance was home with the rest of the crew. It was a jam-packed weekend which included dinner at my favorite restaurant on Friday evening, Cowfish, while Cousin It stayed with a babysitter. That part was kind of amusing — she was with a sitter I’d never met, but I’ve known her on Facebook for two years. So, really, Mark Zuckerberg babysat Cousin It, at least by proxy. She knows most of the Jugs personally — but had never met ME in person. She has one-year-old twins and a four year old — and an 18-year-old — so I knew she would be fine with yet another small child in her presence. And she was, and Cousin It did great, and we brought her back some Cowfish and everything was fantastic and the moon was in Mercury anterograde and life was awesome.

I looooove Cowfish. It’s a great restaurant, especially if you’re somewhat picky AND you have friends who are somewhat adventurous. They serve burgers and sushi. Everyone wins. I finally got to meet Stitches’ new baby, Mini-Stitches (so… Cross-Stitch?) and Nice-Nice’s new baby, Doesn’t-Give-Aide. They are so cute! They squeak! They nurse 24/7! They do not make my uterus long for the precious precious days of yore. I kind of still feel like I’m in the precious precious days of yore.


at Cowfish!

Oh, wait, Nice-Nice wasn’t at Cowfish. Well, I met Doesn’t-Give-Aide the next night at Jugs. 

Saturday morning was Great Strides, the walk benefiting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I did not walk because of my butt pain, but I went out there in support. Stitches and her family, Lady Beaver of the Syllables, Prom Queen and Miss Manners walked. Miss Manners pushed Cousin It in the stroller, so I sat in Starbucks by myself for an hour. Saturday afternoon, I took a three-hour nap with Cousin It. It was delicious. In the evening we had Game Night, in which we mostly sat around and cooed over the squishy, cutely-squeaking babies and played all of one game. That’s okay. I miss everyone so much; I can play games anytime.

Sunday Miss Manners and I hung out. She was working on her spreadsheet for a homeschool field trip she was organizing, and I was feeling bad that I rarely take my kids to do things, or participate in things like that. You see, I have five kids. See?

Clockwise from bottom left: Mineral, The Informant, My Masterpiece, Animal and Cousin It.

And someone is always napping, or needing a nap, or hungry or whatever and every organized activity gets in the way of someone’s schedule. I am really grateful we were able to do weekly co-op. Also, we have no money. With Mineral being gluten-free, and the fact that we eat organic, our monthly food bill is approximately the same as our (totally exorbitant) rent.

One of the reasons I want to homeschool is so that my kids can experience fun, non-school activities and we rarely do those activities. Miss Manners immediately said, “But they’re getting a chance to experience childhood, and that’s important too.”


And then I felt much better. My kids may not get to go on homeschool field trips or participate in many co-ops (Raleigh is TEEMING with homeschool co-ops; they’re everywhere), but they get to color and build things and jump on the trampoline and cook and do errands with me and spend time with their siblings and me and read. And that counts too.

5 Responses

  1. I have often felt guilty about not getting out and about with the kids more often. Money is usually our butt biter too. We try to make a point and going anywhere free that we can find available. For us even co-ops in our town are out because two function more like private schools (with a bill to go with it) and the last is classical conversations which would cost out mere three kids $75 a week. We hang out at the library for a while every week, try to make it to homeschool skate day and the occasional park day, and every week or so drive into the city to have an art lesson with their aunt and play with the cousins in the afternoon. Along with one sport each, church activities, and scouts we are pretty fully booked anyway without a ton of field trips. And the kids still learn and love life so it is all good.

    • Wow, YOU sound busy! Yes, we do library and park days. And I know that they’re getting a good dose of real life and having fun, but sometimes I wish I could indulge all their whims.

  2. Think about the number of whims a kid has and then multiply by five. EEK! Really just the number a single child would have would overwhelm the average mom if she tried to follow them all. If you had the courage for it you could have the kids plan one field trip location per year based on their own interests. Two or three might even agree on one place and you could make it a mini vacation. For instance, all three of mine loved the Little House books so we are making a detour back on our vacation to visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum in Missouri. I have failed at co-ops and our park days are so random it is ridiculous. We rarely make it to museums either even though we have a membership to one. But for our vacation we will try to fit some field trip into it to educate secretly and entertain openly.

    • That’s a great idea. Also, just letting go on the random guilt/shame about not being mom ENOUGH (just like the Newsweek magazine cover. Or was it Time?)

      • It was Time. They have caused some issues with me about that cover. Too many people I know just don’t seem willing to understand that boobs are living baby bottles and they just need to get over themselves.

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