Stamp Out Hunger 2012

Saturday was Stamp Out Hunger 2012! I have been posting on Facebook and tweeting about it. (Yes, I tweet. I’m not very good at it, though. I get confused about whether I should use a # or a @ and I am unsure of proper Twitter etiquette. But you can follow me @cincodemommy if you want!)

We arrived at a post office in north Raleigh, got our Stamp Out Hunger tshirts and waited for the donated food to arrive:

Mineral and Animal wait for the mail trucks in their Stamp Out Hunger tshirts.

Trucks arrived, bearing non-perishable food in brown paper bags. If the bags were torn, or the cans weren’t in bags, the letter carriers put them in those plastic USPS boxes

Food, ready to get put in bags and then placed in boxes.

We received a lot of canned goods — mostly soup and beans and meat — and chips, as well as condiments and veggies. Lots of boxes of dessert mix.

However, I was really cheered to see baby food, as hunger affects babies too!

Jars of baby food.

I found a note in one paper bag

No, thank YOU for donating!

We collected so much food at our post office, the site coordinator had to go back for more pallets and boxes!

Bringing more pallets and boxes.

Overall we filled 16 huge boxes — just at one post office! Stamp Out Hunger is a national food drive, so I can not even imagine how much food was collected overall!

Putting bags into a box. The boxes were huge!

I am so proud to have been a part of Stamp Out Hunger 2012!


6 Responses

  1. I forgot to put out my donation of two bags until it was too late. I have to see about getting them to the local food bank instead. I just wish there had be more then one opportunity through the postal carriers as I bet others forgot on Saturday morning when they were sleeping in or out at early kid’s games.

    • There are lots of places to donate — where do you live? Many cities have drop-off locations.

      • Not in a city. I can drop of at a local food bank that like many rural charities get ignored because people think of poverty and hunger as a city problem. Sadly, it is a problem at so many levels. I will donate locally and try to get into a habit of buying a bit extra and donate more often.

      • That would be great. Hunger is a problem that affects everyone, no matter where you live. The Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC is the 8th largest Food Bank in the country, and it’s part of Feed America.

  2. That’s so excellent. I never knew they had people volunteer with helping on that end when it came to things. I’ll have to keep it in mind for next year. I blanked on the event, for the first time in a few years, but have to do a drop to the food bank myself! (btw, I’m honestly surprised about the baby food – usually glass jars aren’t OK to be donated. Hopefully they don’t get tossed!) How wonderful that you guys did this. Thanks for sharing the experience!

    • Thanks Andrea. We also volunteer in Kids Day, which is the second and fourth Saturday of the month (unless there’s a holiday on the Monday after the weekend, like memorial day in May). We’ll be back out on June 9. Please come say hi! Kids over 4yo (younger too, if they’re containable) are welcome.

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