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Moms’ Night Out

Last night I went to a Moms’ Night Out with Triangle Mommies. (The area of North Carolina in which I live is called the Triangle: Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill comprise the three points.) Although I find most Mommies groups to be fairly mainstream and catering mostly to moms of younger kids — who am I to be picky?!?!?!

Meanwhile, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the moms I met were funny and nice — and there were even a few crunchy ones!

But really I want to share these pics because I so rarely get dressed up. (In fact, the last time I wore this outfit is when I was a reality tv contestant.) Mary F. Poppins picked out this dress for me at H&M, and I trust her style because she’s European.

Animal, Mineral and The Informant were outside playing with friends, and I didn’t want Cousin It to see me getting ready to leave and lose her mind, so I asked My Masterpiece to get a couple pics on my phone.

First there was this

I tried to help her hold the iPhone more steady. Didn’t work. So I snapped a self portrait, Facebook-like


I showed her my pic and asked her to try one more time. I ended up with this


Oh, well. You get the idea.

I consider this my traveling red dress. I recommend getting yourself a red dress to wear on special occasions — I felt confident and beautiful, and I had a great time at the Moms’ Night Out!

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