Gluten Free Mineral

Mineral has been very challenging lately — and I do not mean that he has been challenging all the time. Which actually makes him more challenging. He is intermittently behaving, which is the most effective way to reward someone drive me fvcking crazy.

I took him to the psychiatrist today and the doc was all, “I thought he was fine?!?!?” and I was all, “He was! He is! Sometimes! I don’t know! When the moon is new and mercury is in anterograde or something then he is MAYBE okay! But maybe totally not okay.”


The psychiatrist gave a rx for another medication in addition to the ADHD medication, and I asked about trying gluten-free. Miss Manners recommended it. He said he doesn’t suggest it but I could try it. He also put a lot of stock in the therapy that Mineral receives twice a week — psychotherapy and occupational therapy.

I do not want to downplay the role of therapy, but they’re long-term prospects and he needs some help now. So I’m hoping the medication helps — and trying gluten-free for a couple weeks.

When you eat as ***relatively*** clean as we do — Cheetos notwithstanding — going gluten free isn’t that difficult. Plus, we shop at Whole Foods, so… there’s that. I’ve looked at gluten-free eating and it doesn’t seem that bad. They have bread and cookies and stuff and I’ve talked to Mineral about making some changes. I’ve promised him I will do my best to make sure he has good food that he likes. Taco seasoning appears to be gluten free unless wheat is an ingredient — and I’ve not seen that on a label — and we have corn tortillas. He eats rice, and cheese, and the plainest peanut butter you can make — no literally; My Chemical Romance and the kids made it at Whole Foods. Peanuts. That’s it.

So we’ll give it a try, because even though he behaves horribly sometimes — and I struggle with separating that horrible behavior from HIM — he is my baby and I love him. I will continue to try to help him heal, and if he can’t heal then I’ll continue to help him learn to live a positive peaceful life.



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  1. Vegetable (my 8-yo daughter, so-named to put her in a grouping with Animal and Mineral 😉 ) also has ADHD and she’s been acting crayzee-town lately. Is his OT for ADHD or something else? Gaga (my 4-yo) has SPD and goes to OT for that and the effect was immediate and dramatic … but I haven’t done anything with Vegetable’s diagnosis since we got it early this year. I don’t know if I can do gluten-free, I’m not sure about medication, and I’m feeling kind of adrift with all this. She probably also has SPD but I’m not sure OT would help her as much as it did her sister, given their age differences. Heavy sigh.

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