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Day one post surgery

Yesterday I had a procedure done on a very sensitive area on my body. It was something that was supposed to be done years ago, but Assy McSweetcheeks back in Charlotte wouldn’t operate on me when I was pregnant (and then I was nursing round-the-clock and then we moved and yada yada). Of course Cousin It is still nursing, but she can go many hours now and mostly just nurses for comfort.

Anyway, I was nervous about the pain. I’m a total wimp about pain. Yes, I’ve had babies without pain meds but that’s completely different. I felt okay just after surgery and for a few hours after that, but when the anesthesia wore off, it hurt. Bad. I called the Assropractor this morning to ask for something stronger than what he gave me. (He shares an office with a chiro; thus he is Assropractor.) Now I’m just waiting on My Chemical Romance to pick up the RX and get it filled. Yes, the medication is THAT strong, the Assropractor can’t just call it in. I can’t wait!

My Chemical Romance is holding down the fort while I’m recovering. The Fort is in shambles, but whatevs. It does make me realize that even though I’m hard on myself for what doesn’t get done, I actually DO get a lot done every day.

Also, I’ve gotten help from many friends here. My friendships here are, of course, different from my Jugs, but isn’t every friendship different? I miss the closeness with my Jugs that came from seeing each other nearly daily, but I realize that most people do not have that kind of flexibility. Plus the busyness of having children ebbs and flows — most of the Jugs have younger kids and therefore more time. Even having my kids in just two extracurricular activities right now (cub scouts and taekwon do) is time consuming. Swimming is over til late May. Again, reminding myself not to be hard on myself for having a life that revolves around my kids.

When I’m feeling better, I want to write about the following topics

* the Ann Romney doesn’t work thing
* the Cory Booker is a hero thing
* the potential guinea pig thing
* the Trayvon Martin killer is arrested thing
* the thing about seeing my old dog, Deuce, thing

2 Responses

  1. (((((((flowers!)))))))) Feel better soon! xo

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