San Diego Photographs

Did I mention when I blogged from San Diego that we were having the BEST time? Well, we continued to have the best time. Seriously, I am still in a state of shock and surprise over just HOW fun it was to take five children across the country. Actually I don’t know how fun it would have been to take them just anywhere, but San Diego is pretty spectacular. It’s beautiful. It’s family friendly. It’s My Chemical Romance’s home, where he was born and lived for 25 years.

(I lived with him there for almost three years. The Informant was born at the birth center at UCSD. I hope that someday we can move back, although it may not be for many years due to the fact that it costs a fortune to live there, and an extra fortune to live there with five kids and sadly we did NOT win the lotto while we were there, although we played.)

I don’t just love it because of the beaches, Balboa Park, the zoo, Sea World, Legoland, Old Venice restaurant, the Wild Animal park, Ruben H. Fleet, the naval ships and my friend Alia (still nickname-less)… also because My Chemical Romance’s entire family is there. Both parents, their spouses, his two sisters, one brother-in-law, one nephew (and soon to be another nephew), many aunts and uncles, several cousins. And also, many second cousins (My Chemical Romance’s mom’s cousin’s children). We hung out with them for most of the weekend, first his dad’s family and then his mom’s.

Here are some pictures from our trip

The Informant (as a Tiger) at Legoland

Cousin It rides a Lego car at Legoland

Animal and Mineral at Legoland

All of us at Sea World

My Masterpiece as the pink panther.

Hello, Shamu! You poor, abused creature.

My Masterpiece and Grams, My Chemical Romance's grandma, walking on the pier

The Informant, fishing

Kites at J Street Marina

Grandma with The Informant

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  1. I SHALL have a nickname! Muahahahahahaah!!!!

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