Hola from San Diego

Hello from In-n-Out! Actually the most shocking thing about this trip is that it was more than two days before I had Animal fries.

The plane trip was fine, thanks to every i-device known to man: pod, pad, phones. Cousin It was the most difficult because she wouldn’t sleep, yet she was very tired. She was a grouch. I managed to pack lightly enough that we only checked one suitcase! (Meanwhile, the downside is that I only packed myself two shirts and one pair of shoes; I have to borrow clothes from my sister-in-law Julie for the memorial service.)

We’re staying with My Chemical Romance’s mom — she generously bought our tickets and has provided us with food and snacks and fun.

Tuesday, we hung out and got park tickets and the kids ran around at Grandma’s house and chased the chickens and gathered eggs. We visited with Pa and Grams, My Chemical Romance’s grandparents on his mom’s side. They own Deuce, our former dog.

Wednesday the kids and MCR and his mom went to Legoland; chaos and fun ensued. I, on the other hand, had a girls day out with Julie and her BFF, Kimmy, followed by shopping at Kohl’s.

Yesterday we went to Sea World, and we stayed til closing time. Every kid got to choose one thing to do, plus we visited a lot of exhibits. My favorite show was the sea lion and otters, my favorite exhibit was shark encounter.

Today we’re going to the zoo, and then MCR and I have a date!

I’m typing this from my phone — I’ll post more pictures from our trip when I’m on a computer. I’m having so much fun!






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