Happy Birthday to The Informant

Seven years ago, I was all this

At the UC-San Diego Birth Center

and The Informant was all this

"Hello, world! Let me tell you all about everything..."

And My Chemical Romance was all this

They BOTH look so young!

A year later, we were living in Arizona and The Informant was all this

She didn't like the chocolate cake... til she tasted it!

When she was two, she was all this

For those who knew me as a child: She.Is.Me.

By the time she turned three, we lived in Charlotte, and had a birthday party at Monkey Joe’s and was all this

She loves pink.

At four years old, she was all this

I was really sick on her birthday; I don't even think I was at the table!

And all this, at five

She loves this outfit. Now it's Syd's.

She spent her sixth birthday in Florida with my parents. When she got back, she was all this

Three birthdays in a row in Charlotte! It was a miracle.

Today, she is 7 years old, and she’s all this

Happy Birthday, Informant!




2 Responses

  1. I like your post! I will carve out some time to read more later, so thank you! Are these words about your husb or son? Because it sounds like my husb’s eating habits. I grow tired and when I hear moms talking aobut eh wonderful new recipes they’ve tried or the new organic, whole, farm fresh local vegan diets they’ve introduced to the family (who eat every morsel and then wash their plates and wash behind their ears and tuck themselves into bed after a story and kisses….and stay in bed…asleep before 830pm.)
    Ive learned to accept what my hubcap will eat. Mac and Cheese and baked beans is the favorite dinner at our house. Kraft and Bush’s- not homemade.
    I invite my sisters over once a month or so and cook something from a vegetarian cookbook that is wholesome and delicious and they eat every scrap…while my sweet Violet and Daniel have frozen nuggets and corn and baby Penny eats her usual: Peas and spiral noodles with olive oil (she wants it every night.)

    • My Chemical Romance = my husband. He’s a chemist. He eats okay, but he was raised on a lot of ready-to-eat meals so that’s comforting to him. I still have my comfort food: kraft dinner.

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