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Blogging with Integrity

Perhaps some incredibly astute readers may have noticed that I now credit the pics I add to my blog (when they aren’t mine). This came about because I realized I want to have an above-board blog.

Blog with Integrity has a list of what they consider blogging with integrity, and it boils down to giving credit where it’s due, being transparent about sponsored content and owning the words I type.

**Update: Prom Queen (who hates her nickname and requests another) just asked a really big DUH question — where do you get your photographs? I swear I meant to address this in the original post, but got distracted. I search for photographs that “can be used for commercial purposes” or “can be modified, adapted, or built upon,” using the Creative Commons search. Most of what I use is from Flickr and attribute from there. **

Also, not snarking on other mommy bloggers, which is easy except when I see something written by Kourtney Kardashian about Mason’s moccasins and clothes. I can only imagine this will get worse when Kourtney has a girl. 

As far as sponsorship, I do not have any yet — except I am now one of the Social Ambassadors for the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina! This means I will promote and write about various programs at the Food Bank. I am happy to do it because (1) volunteering there seems to help Mineral (2) I think their program for children is fantastic (3) they are a really “above-board” charity. They do not turn anyone away, although they work primarily with organizations (so, if a family who needs help comes to them, they will help, but they’ll direct that family to the appropriate organization for long-term help.)

Of course, I’ll note it when I’m blogging specifically for the Food Bank. In case you can’t tell by the fact that the blog will be about the Food Bank.

Food! (moonstarsandpaper.blogspot.com)

If there’s one thing I have absolutely no integrity (about? of? with?) as a blogger, it’s reading other blogs. I am pretty sucky at that. It’s a defensible position given my family responsibilities, Mineral’s needs, homeschooling and my desire for some alone time once in a while that isn’t in front of the computer. Also, I want to read blogs because they’re interesting or well-written (hopefully both) and not because I should be reading other blogs because I want others to read MY blogs, and everyone says the best way to get blog readers is to read others’ blogs. And comment. But not just in a “hey, check out my blog,” way; comment with integrity, yo!

Also, because I am prone to anxiety and black/white thinking, if I read just a blog or two, inevitably I’ll force myself to read like 30 or 43 blogs because there are like ZILLIONS of great blogs that I should read — and then I’ll be too tired to write my own blog.

And I must write my own blog.

I write my blog for me; not because I want anyone to read it. I love that people do read it and I get a thrill when someone shares something I’ve written, but it’s for me. I have ideas and jokes and weird stories (like about mailing dead fish) in my head, and it’s how I express myself. Some people draw, paint, throw pottery, sew, knit, care for animals — I blog.

I am bursting with creativity (Flickr: Jurvetson)

Comments? Thoughts? Streams of Consciousness?

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