Giveaway Winner!

Sarah M — aka The Happy Mathlete! — has officially won my giveaway. She was the second commenter on all the blogs for the giveaway and declared 2 to be the (winning) random number!

Numero Dos

And what does she win?

Well, sadly, Sarah had already told me that she doesn’t want a fish. Okay, FINE, be that way.

And also sadly, Sarah did not win the awesome pink sparkly wallet.

But she DID win a pink wallet. With skulls on it. That have bows in their hair. And flowers. Made by me! 

I'm so crafty!

I will hand-deliver it this weekend at the baby shower/blessing ceremony for Stitches and Nice-Nice. Congrats, Happy Mathlete!


One Response

  1. I’m so jealous!!

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