A Season of Jugs

I’m totally typing this from my new iPhone!

I’m really looking forward to visiting Charlotte the Charlotte area this weekend. (I stay at Miss Manners house, which is not actually in Charlotte.) I’m specifically going back for Stitches’ and Nice-Nice’s baby shower/blessing ceremony — and we’re also celebrating our new Jug, who had her baby in January.

Yes, we have a new Jug! She was originally introduced to us last spring by Miss Manners, as they went to school together. She fit right in, and she is moving to Charlotte in June.

She does not have a nickname yet — just like my friend Alia who has been begging for one. The thing is, you can’t make a nickname; a nickname just comes to you.

But I digress — we have a new Jug! And she has a new Juglet. And two Jugs are having babies soon. And Mary F Poppins moved to Portland. And I live in Raleigh.

Jugs has evolved.

There was some concern when I moved away that Jugs would end. I didn’t think it would end, but it has definitely changed. Life moves on, as Mary F Poppins’ mother-in-law said recently. (For the record: unhelpful.)

Soon there will be two new Juglets. Stitches and Nice-Nice will get to experience the absolute freaking insanity joy of having more than one child (something I’ve been enjoying experiencing since nine minutes after Mineral was born, when Animal came into the world, foot first. And it just gets better with each kid. Ha!)

After this trip, my next visit will be after Stitches and Nice-Nice have their babies! They are so lucky to have babies with Jugs nearby, just like I was when Cousin It was born. Jugs came over and cleaned my house and brought me food and held my baby and did dishes and laundry and NURSED MY BABY (it’s doubtful either of them will have that particular need, but just in case, there’s nothing like Jugs’ jugs!)

Our motto has always been “it’s all just ‘I'” — as in, there is no TMI among Jugs — but at this point we could probably trademark a new phrase: “Jugs: Bridging the gap between evolution and creation.”

From the Museum of Creationism (Flickr/williac)

I can’t wait to see my Jugs and celebrate this weekend!


4 Responses

  1. Holy Shizzballs, that creationism museum piece is outta this world. FOOK, why do people waste so much time, energy, and resources on shit like that? HA! That was amazing. =)

    Woot for jugs!

  2. Well, if this Alia friend of yours is just going to keep nagging you for a nickname (just like she did for your nanowrimo piece) then perhaps you can call her the Nag? Princess Pest? Pesterina? Someone whose gonna bug the crap outta you til she gets a nickname?

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