The New Library

When I moved here from Charlotte and my friend Sin-D introduced me to the regional library, all I could think was, ZOMG, IT’S OPEN EVERY SINGLE DAY! Seriously, the library here has hours seven days a week!

credit: Flickr/greencolander

(In Charlotte, the library was open four days a week: T and W from 10-7 and F and S from 10-5. That’s not enough hours for someone like me. Or anyone who is literate.)

Last night I went to the library for some alone time with The Informant. She loves to read. I had about 235252525 books to return, since all four verbal children plus two verbal adults have library cards — and of course I forgot the one book that I couldn’t renew because it had another hold on it. Anywho, I went to check out with an actual human being librarian (as opposed to the self check out) and had the following conversation:

Me: Hi, can you look up my accounts and tell me which of the books I forgot to return? I’m sure there are a million.

Librarian: Of course. Yes, there are exactly one million and two hundred that were checked out, are overdue and were not returned today.

Me: Okay.

Librarian: Would you like me to renew them for you?

Me: **blink blink*** You can do that?

Librarian: Of course.

Me: **blinking more** You mean, you would do that for me?

Librarian: Of course… (click click on computer)… hmmm, one of these titles has a hold on it. Would you like me to manually renew it for you?

Me: **shocked awe** Ye-yesss.

Dude. She totally made an exception for me and renewed a book that I couldn’t renew!

The Informant

Me: Also, can you check if one of those books that says it’s not checked back in, is actually back in? Because I’ve looked everywhere and I cannot find it. (It’s a Lego Star Wars book, or something.)

Librarian: Sure. No, it’s definitely not here. Would you like to place it in the lost-hold pile?

Me: Wha?

Librarian: I can file it as either lost or out on hold. That way, if you find it you won’t owe us for it, and if you can’t find it, we’ll keep looking for it. Either way, you won’t have to pay anything.

Me: Thank you, librarian. You are my new best friend.

I then proceeded to tell her about the ROOM by Emma Donoghue debacle with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg public library and she was shocked — SHOCKED! — that they put me back on the hold list for it.

Sometimes I don’t hate it here. 


2 Responses

  1. Wow. That rocks. I wonder if that system is in place here. It would be good to know, since I owe fees for late books on, like, all five of our library cards. Hee.

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