A blog about hating blogs and bloggers!

Did you know there was such a gem in the interwebz?

I found it after hearing from Miss Manners that a VERY popular blogger is getting divorced. I immediately googled for further clarification (since Miss Manners said she’d read it another blog) and found that all of the original blogger’s haters have gathered in one helpful spot to complain about her — and about every other blogger who has sponsorship — at Get Off My Internets.

An aside: I have no idea what went on in her marriage. From what she wrote online, I’m pretty surprised that she’s getting divorced — although it did seem that she spent a lot of time on her own personal endeavors. I can only speak to my own marriage, and I purposely don’t write much about that. I’ve tried, and it sounds like I’m being smug or I’m whining about stuff that every married person whines about — either way, that’s boring.


Anyway, once I got past the shock of the divorce, I got this feeling in the pit of my stomach, like when you think your jeans are really really awesome, but it turns out that high-waisted acid-washed denim pants with pegged ankles are no longer cool, thinking that someone somewhere on GOMI was talking about my blog and me!

I searched. Nothing. I googled my name and GOMI. Nothing. I googled my blog and GOMI. Nothing. And then…

DISAPPOINTED FLOWER (Flickr/Sunsets_for_you)

Jeez. Nobody’s even saying anything BAD about me!

But wait, they’re complaining about mommy bloggers in general:

You know what all the most popular mommy bloggers seem to have in common?  They are all so freakin privileged.  They all have the money and time to put into making their lives picture perfect.  They can afford to be picky about the type of food they feed their children, the clothes they wear, the way they decorate their homes, what type of birth they’ll have, etc. etc, etc.

YOU ARE ALL SO OUT OF TOUCH.  You think the world revolves around sponsors and how many pretty ModCloth outfits you can wear all while pushing your children in the most expensive strollers and acting like life’s a bitch half the time and everything’s coming up roses the other half.  The overposed “candid” family photos.  The organic/vegan food.  The perfect pregnancies with minimal weight gain so you can still maintain that mommyrexia look afterwards. I don’t care how hard you’ve worked for your blog or your job or your family…you still don’t understand what the average mom goes through.  Because the average mom just doesn’t look like you…doesn’t act like you…and from my experience, doesn’t even care half as much as what you seem to care about the stupidest stuff.

At first I thought, “How dare you? I am not privileged!”

But then I thought, “Well, I guess I’m a little privileged.”

(credit:??? some meme on the interwebz)

  • I get to stay home with my kids. Although, to be honest, it’s not entirely a choice: I have only a Bachelor’s degree (in Creative Writing), so there’s nothing financially worthwhile for me to “do” that would even cover day-care bills. Still, even if I had more education (and/or experience) I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than stay home with my kids. Other than write.
  • I homeschool — without much complaining from My Chemical Romance, even though we both went through 17 years of public education and he loved every second of it (or so he says). His high school grades earned him a full academic scholarship to a UC school.
  • I have chosen three of my four births — and I probably would have chosen a hospital birth for Animal and Mineral, although probably not an induction at 34 weeks. I paid for My Masterpiece’s and Cousin It’s births out-of-pocket, despite having health insurance (which, itself, makes me privileged).
  • We eat almost exclusively organic. It’s a struggle because it IS expensive, but My Chemical Romance and I are committed to it.


  • Have you not seen the pictures I post? My house is hardly perfect. My floors are covered with a fine layer of dust, clean underwear (Cousin It’s favorite toy), Legos, rubber bands, paper and crayons. And dirt. And mud. (I could go on for a long time with everything in which my floors are covered.)
  • I would love a fancy stroller for when Cousin It gets a little bigger and doesn’t want to be carried in a Boba all the time. I don’t see it happening though — fancy strollers are really expensive. I do have a Britax stroller that I got when I did a car seat study for them.
  • What is ModCloth? Do they sell 8-short or 10-short jeans that are slightly higher waisted than the ridiculous low-rider denim outfits that would hardly cover my dog’s butt-crack? Because that’s really all I think about when I’m looking for jeans. I do not have a single pair of jeans that I’ve purchased — my favorite pair used to belong to Miss Manners and I have a couple pairs from my mom, who is now skinnier than me.
  • My mom is now skinnier than me. I am hardly mommyrexic!

See my table? It always looks like that.

It is true that the average mom doesn’t act like me. That’s okay. I’m totally okay with that. On one hand, yes, I’m awesome. On the other hand, the average mom doesn’t have five kids, so there’s no way to compare me to anyone else. I hope that most of the time I’m relatively sane, but I do cop to moments of total insanity. I yell too much, sometimes. I’m too permissive, other times. There is a lot of stuff on my floors. That’s okay too.

I would love some sponsors! I spent like $15 of my own money on MY GIVEAWAY which ends on February 29 at 11:59PM (est). Have you entered yet?


6 Responses

  1. I think this is why you don’t get any attention on that blog — they’re not after bloggers like you and me! There are all kinds of bloggers … from the “perfect mommyrexic expensive stroller” moms to the “keeping it so real their readers get worried and call CPS because they didn’t realize they were exaggerating about the vodka” moms. You fall in between. 😉 So do I. So I don’t get much hate. (Also I am not popular enough to get much hate.)

    To be honest, though, I too get annoyed about the sparkly “perfect” blogs with all the sponsors and giveaways. I just wonder where they get all the money to buy all that merchandise … and then I realize they’re getting it for free and they want ME to pony up the money so I can have it too. It’s like they’re creating peer pressure out of nothing. Since I don’t have the money to spare (being a SAHM as well, and one who is NOT married to a tycoon) it makes me a little bitter.

    And yet I still subscribe to one or two of them because their kids are so cute. What can I say.

    In any event, I hate bullying online as much as anywhere else, and I wish they wouldn’t do that. 😛 Even if it’s not likely ever to be directed towards me.

    • I agree — the neutral blogs are less likely to garner hate. I’m glad to see blogs like momastery getting more popular (I haven’t checked to see if she’s on gomi but I hope not). I agree with some of what’s said, but the vitriol bothers me the most.

      Erika Gebhardt cincodemommy.wordpress.com

  2. You ARE awesome. Your only fail is that you don’t read my blog. Which I forgive you for. I’m not nearly as funny as you and you don’t have time to read mediocre. =P Did i enter your giveaway? I can’t remember. I meant to!! Going to check…

  3. Ha ha! You don’t have to, dude. =p It was a joke, but you can if you want to!

    I was thinking recently that you could try and build up a readership by increasing your blogging ‘community’~reading and commenting on other ppls blogs can be a good way to increase readership on your own. And participating in carnivals and such. It’s not the only way to increase readership but it is ONE way.

  4. […] know I’ve discussed how there’s this phenomenon of bloggers hating on other bloggers. And also, there’s whole website for it! (Don’t worry, they don’t hate me. But […]

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