My First Giveaway

When I reach 100 “fans” or “likers” or whatever Facebook is calling it these days, I will have a giveaway. Since I have no sponsors, no money and nothing in my house that people would actually want (unless someone needs a 38G nursing bra? anyone?) I am searching the FREE STUFF posts on Craigslist.

Most of the posts are wood, dirt or toilets. Unfortunately I have no way to mail those — in case the random winner lives far away! Not everyone who reads my blog is a Jug! — so I’m on the hunt for something small, mail-able and representative of my blog in some way.

Last week I found the PERFECT item. It was this

Click on picture for larger image.

In case it’s too small to read, here is what the description said:

Beautiful pink aluminum wallet used to protect your credit cards with a “pay pass” chip inside. The wallet blocks people from scanning cards inside your purse. It sparkles! Could also be used as a cigarette case. Pictures show the sparkles and general color of the case.

TELL ME WHY YOU NEED IT. I’m tired of getting rude people saying stuff like “I want this” with no other information. This is going to someone who is in NEED.

Of course I emailed immediately:

Hi there, I am interested in your pink aluminum wallet/cigarette holder. The sparkly one. Is it still available? 

I noticed in your post, you asked people to describe why they NEED it. Here goes: I do not need it. It actually looks kind of heavy and like it would be difficult to get credit cards out of it. I have no idea what a “pay pass” chip is, nor am I concerned about people scanning my credit cards. They are all maxed out, sadly, except one lone American Express, and that will probably be maxed out soon. You see, we had to move here so my husband could take a new job, and we were not able to get renters into our house (which we own). We spent six months paying mortgage on that house, as well as rent on a house here. Rent is exorbitant. We have five kids, and one has some health issues that require a lot of interventions. That costs money. Also, we’re fairly committed to eating healthfully — mostly organic, whole foods. That’s expensive, but we’re unwilling to compromise on it. Plus, I think it tastes better!
I digress. 
I have a blog called Cinco de Mommy. It’s about the adventures of one mom who loves to read, write and sleep, and five homeschooled kids who love to avoid all of the above. I currently have 83 fans on Facebook, and when I get to 100 fans, I’m going to do a giveaway. I’ve been searching on Craigslist for THE perfect item to give away to one of my readers. Your pink aluminum sparkly wallet/cigarette holder looks perfect.
So, there you have my entire story. If the item is still available, and if you deem my story worthy of it, I would love your pink aluminum sparkly wallet/cigarette holder to give away to one of my readers. I may even take your idea of asking them to describe why they NEED it before I give it away. And I’ll try to figure out how to use the “pay pass.”
Sadly she did NOT respond to my email, and the listing on Craigslist has since been taken down. Le sigh. But fear not — I will find something worthy of all my fans!

27 Responses

  1. Hahahahahahahaaaa!!! That wallet is exactly what is missing from my life.

  2. how beautiful!

  3. Ummm…I’d take you up on the nursing bra! LOL

  4. In need this wallet in my life!!

  5. […] A pink sparkly wallet that could double as a cigarette holder — but only because that craigslister never responded to my email and took down the post. […]

  6. Pink? Sparkly? Pay pass chip for credit card protection? And it could work as a wallet or a cigarette holder? Now, if you told me it was flame retardant too? I’d be rushing out to pay $30 on my own:-)

  7. Everything is better in pink sparkly!

  8. Ohh….Pink sparkly holder. I could use that to hold my business card! 🙂

  9. O_o I just commented on this and forgot to put my email

  10. I’m sure that the original Craigslist-er decided to keep this for themself once they realized how cool it was based on what you wanted to do with it.

  11. This makes me realize I have something to give you for your NEXT giveaway!

  12. Wow, what a sad ending 😦

  13. You know, I’m okay with not getting a pink sparkly wallet 🙂 If it were a covered in diamonds that would be a different story entirely.

  14. Entering giveaway NOW! =) Although I did tweet this when you first put it up so hopefully that makes up for being late entering the giveaway…

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