A Teen Mom Teen Dad Freaks Me Out

I no longer actually watch Teen Mom/Teen Mom 2, because I read all the spoilers online at gossip sites can’t stand to watch these teenagers traumatizing their babies. Not to mention, grossly misusing car seats. But I digress. Recently I read something on a Teen Mom gossip site that really disturbed me.

So, here’s Ryan Edwards, dad of Bentley Edwards (whose mom is Maci from Teen Mom).

Yes, he always look like that.

Ryan and Maci broke up at some point after Bentley was born, and Ryan lives with his parents, works on cars (or something) and dates a young woman named Dalis who is a fitness model and dyes her hair frequently, alternating between morning-pee yellow and entire-United-States-is-in-a-blackout-Black. (Seriously, though, her name is Dalis?!?!? Dear Parents: No. Just no. Yes, I have a son named Tiger but it’s not Tygr. Or Tiejr. JESUS.)

I guess we're not in Texas anymore.

Here’s what I read, from a completely reliable crazy Teen Mom gossip site:

Dallas (no I will not indulge in that crazy spelling) left her phone in her room and was out somewhere. Ryan tried to contact her, without success. Ryan then tweeted “I am single now,” knowing that as soon as his “fans” saw the tweet, people would start contacting her (and apparently would be more successful than he was). The ploy worked, she finally called him back, and all is well.

In my mind, this ploy sticks out as particularly controlling and obnoxious. If your significant other doesn’t have his or her phone — THEY’LL CALL YOU LATER. Or when they realize they left their phone at home. Or something. Why not accept that, and move on? Spend the day fixing cars or yawning, not stalking.

I think the issue is that these crazy-ass young people have been glorified by their status as teen parents since they’re on MTV, and now people genuinely CARE about them. So whatever Ryan Edwards does, people feel intimately involved and connected. And when people see that this ridiculous immature creepy behavior worked to get his girlfriend to call him back, they may think it’s a legitimate form of communication. Or that it’s reasonable to expect someone to be at your beck and call 24/7 (who isn’t your parent, when you’re a young child).

Or maybe I’m reading too much into this? I probably am. Still, it’s weird.


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