Work at Home! Make Nothing!

I was a little quiet over the last week because I was working on something. I was taking the test for one of the few legitimate work-at-home gigs that a lot of stay-at-home-moms do —  webpage evaluating. I passed part one. It was an open-book (Adobe) test with a lot of lingo and I killed it with the search-and-find option.

And then I failed part two.

Part two is where you actually evaluate the webpages. I thought that part was pretty easy too. I still had the Adobe info up, but I guess I interpreted it incorrectly or didn’t follow it carefully enough or…

… I’m just a giant loser? I FEEL like a total loser.

SHE is one, assholes.

Well. More time to blog, I suppose.


2 Responses

  1. Oy. I feel ya. WAHM options are, like, daycare and medical transcription. Not awesome options IMO! Too bad I haven’t come up with a way to monetize my breastmilk or bandaid application skills yet… I hadn’t heard of this option but jeepers, online test… sounds hard… =)

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