Taxes: I’m looking forward to Refund-Mas

I’m getting our tax information ready as quickly as I can do things — slower than the average bear, because I can barely pee by myself, much less make Excel spreadsheets — since we’re getting a return.

Last year we were not audited but QUESTIONED by the state of North Carolina — probably because the state of North Carolina couldn’t believe that six people (and one baby, for a week of 2010) could survive on My Chemical Romance’s salary.

I see you!

This year, we have seven people — and a dog! — who survived on approximately the same salary, all while moving across the state and not having renters in our Charlotte house until recently.

And then the pipes in that house exploded and started spilling raw sewage out of all the faucets, making any rental income absolutely moot until March, to pay for the cleanup and fix. Le sigh.

Regarding My Chemical Romance’s salary: it’s a good salary. My Chemical Romance works hard doing his math-y stuff and his science-y stuff every day, and I’m proud of him. Mitt Romney takes more than one day to make what we make in a year, so that’s SOMETHING. But inflation — in the form of five children — takes its toll. Feeding them sucks. We’re committed to eating mostly organic — all organic meat and dairy products, mostly organic produce, some organic dry food. That costs more.

Animal and Mineral, by the local pizza mobile restaurant at the Durham Farmer's Market.

Refund-Mas isn’t going to be very exciting — it’s mostly going to be paying down/off credit cards — but I’m still looking forward to it.



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