Oil Cleansing Method with photos!

Has your husband ever said to you, “Why do you look like a 14-year-old boy?”

No? Maybe it’s just me…

And no, he’s not referring to my chest.

He’s referring to my skin 😦 Sad face (literally)!

I posted on Facebook asking for a cleanser  recommendation for oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin and got a few responses, the most intriguing of which was, of course, the Oil Cleansing Method. Wii Miss Manners (at whose house I stay when I visit Charlotte, hence the new name Miss Manners) and I decided to try it.

Here’s an explanation of the Oil Cleansing Method and here’s exactly what I did:

1. I purchased some Castor Oil to go with Miss Manner’s Grapeseed Oil. (There will be another blog about this topic, probably tomorrow. Buying Castor oil was quite the experience.)

I am the last person in the world who needs Castor Oil for its intended purposes.

2. Mix Castor oil with Grapeseed Oil at a ratio of about 3:1 (my skin is REALLY oily)

Trader Joe's, my home away from home

3. Rub on to face

After years of stripping all the oil from my skin, this felt SO WRONG!

4. Let it sit for a few minutes, then put a hot wrung-out washcloth over face to steam off oil.

I look better already!

5. Enjoy gorgeous, less oily/more oily skin

About an hour post-oiling

A few notes: Most people who do the OCM say, “I do it at night…” the reason is that it makes your hair oily and nobody wants to spend the day with oily hair. Isn’t spending the day with acne bad enough? Do I need oily hair AND acne?!?!? I’ll do it at night from now on.

My Chemical Romance believes my acne is the result of switching to a non-SLS shampoo (I just switched to Yes To Carrots). When using a SLS shampoo (Aveda), my hair was stripped of oil. Now that  my hair is no longer stripped of oil, it’s over-producing oil — which is combining with the bacteria and oil on my face/neck to create acne. (Yeah. I have neck acne. I’m actually a 14-year-old boy on steroids.) He suggested I either switch back to a SLS shampoo, or keep going with non-SLS while washing my face frequently with gentle cleanser, keeping my hair in a ponytail and keeping my hands off my face. He thinks it will take about 60 days for my body to adjust. I really want to try and stick with non-SLS shampoo, so I’m hoping his method works.


4 Responses

  1. You are hysterical. Love the photos. =)

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