Park Days and Politics

Shout out to my reader Melia (Muh-Lee-Ah) for the following topic: How Park Days can Turn into Political Punditry.

Most of the moms I encounter at the park (during the day) are homeschoolers. The stereotype that most homeschoolers are deeply religious (usually Christian) and homeschool because they want to keep their kids somewhat sheltered is… sometimes true.

Typical homeschooling family?

Although now that I live in Raleigh, within a short distance of 19 colleges (this statistic brought to you by Siri, since My Chemical Romance’s company gave him an iPhone 4S and Animal asked, “How will I pay for college?” and she replied, “I have found 19 colleges nearby…”) I think the more common stereotype here is that of the college-educated-mom-who-is-thinking-outside-the-box-as-a-homeschooler. So I haven’t heard a lot of dogmatic politics at the playground.

What I have heard:

Some Ron Paul support (although mostly I read it online from the homebirth community, as he is a homebirth supporter). Talk about outside the box! My feelings about Ron Paul are decidedly MEH — he’s never going to make it on to the ticket, so I don’t even pay a lot of attention. He’s known as Dr. No, and a strict follower of the Constitution.

The Duggars support Rick Santorum. No. Just no.  He votes based on the Constitution AND the Bible. People seem to think that’s just AWESOME. And yet, the same people who think it’s cool for him to vote based on a religious text would consider it TERRORISM if that religious text were, say, the Qu’Ran.

Newt Gingrich: the park mommies I’ve encountered are all a little wary of Newt. I think it’s because most of us are wives and mothers, and everyone knows how Newt feels about his wives/mothers of his children. He’s a total asshole, in that regard.

Mitt Romney is too rich, too dog-hating and too robotic to be loved by middle class, dog-loving mommies.

Obama: I think he’s going to win without much problem (unless Newt manages to get the nomination and then unscrupulously chooses Rubio as his VP, which would enamor him to a large population of Latino voters. Even then I think Obama is going to win — McCain tried to win female voters with Palin, and that backfired spectacularly. Although I think Rubio is more qualified than Palin.)

Park mommies are not thrilled with Obama’s lack-of -progress on many fronts, but my opinion is that with the way the government is set up, his hands are pretty much tied and he’s doing the best he can.


2 Responses

  1. It would be the best for Obama supporters if Newt ran. Newt will NEVER get elected.

    The Republicans have never allowed Obama to help our country. They are Republicans first, and rich, easily-bought Americans second. It scares me to type this but I think they are all a little racist, too.

    I love Obama. He is a family man with empathy and a sense of fairness. I think he hates and never suspected there would be this much party-line based bullshit. He has not been given any chance. Yes, I am very bitter. I want my kids and grandkids to live in a better USA and a better world.

  2. Marco Rubio may have more experience than Palin, but it is the wrong kind of experience. They are numerous accounts of him taking cash and bowwing to Big Business. He’s a total dick.I’d almost rather have Palin . . . . . but I don’t really want either.

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