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Golden Globes Worst Dressed Quiz

I watched the Golden Globes in the best possible way — with the volume down wayyyyyyy low, talking to Wii for the entire 3-hour show, occasionally interrupting her so I could say things like, “What is Cinema Verite? I have never heard of The Hour. Thank GOD Downton Abbey won!” I also described some of the worst-dressed stars (she was not watching).

See if you can guess who I’m talking about:

She was wearing her best 3/4-length sleeve Western cowgirl shirt, with a really really really SQUARE skirt. Also, there may have been some bejazzling involved.

Her dress was a beautiful color but it looked like it was made of crumpled up paper and, once again, had a really SQUARE skirt. (Is square skirt the new little black dress?)

This star wore a really really boring lacy-up-to-the-neck Victorian thing and I didn’t notice anything else because zzzzzzzzz.

Her dress was nice, but she had on a really awful color of lipstick, and also her arms are so skinny that her elbows looked like doorknobs.

This was a dress that, with a little tailoring, could be worn by figure skaters in the Olympics. It was teh sparkly.

In general, most of the stars looked nice and star-ish and not too over-the-top nor under-dressed. My biggest issue, in general, is the fascination with nude/beige/skin-toned colors for dresses. They’re so blah. If I went to an event, I’d wear something more dramatic. (Obvs.)

What did you all think?


2 Responses

  1. 1. I don’t know what you mean by “square” skirt, but that outfit is fugly!
    2. I like it. Who is that?
    3. Ugh. Looks like shoulder pads, and are those granny panties ghosting through the dress?
    4. That lipstick matches the accent on her dress and the clutch perfectly! Looks great!!
    5. Indeed.

    Thanks for the quiz! I feel like I got all the benefit of watching the Globes, without having to watch them.

    • 1. I mean, like, the skirt shoots out from her waist, and makes a square-shape — I guess more like rectangle.
      2. Frieda Pinto, from Slumdog Millionaire.
      3. Yeah, that outfit was just yuck.
      4. I don’t think it was perfectly matching — the picture doesn’t reflect it exactly, but the shade was off by just a hair.
      5. Yep.

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