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The Dirt on TaeKwonDo

4/5 of my children are now enrolled in TaeKwonDo. The best news is that once you’ve paid for three students, everyone else is free. Which means I, or My Chemical Romance, could actually attend adult classes if we wanted to. (Or if we had time. Which we don’t.)

Animal and Mineral first tried Martial Arts when they were 4yo, in Arizona.

So I like this Martial Arts place because of the rate (still totally outrageous, but slightly less so for four kids) and the location (15 minutes away) and the fact that they offer classes for My Masterpiece’s age group, and there’s a baby area for Cousin It.

The only thing I don’t like is the alcohol-based antibacterial foam outside the dojo.

Of course, after class, all the kids are encouraged to use it ::eyeroll::

It’s not that I am against clean hands — in fact, I encourage my kids to wash their hands with soap and water regularly, including after using the bathroom and before meals and bed, but it’s just that (1) alcohol-based antibiotic hand stuff is SO DRYING (2) they’re not even particularly effective, and anyway (3) a little dirt is good for you. (Also, maybe you should eat it. Or, at least, try this delicious dirt cake!)

While I don’t yet want my kids rolling around in compost and eating it, I don’t think a little dirt is going to hurt them.

The Informant when she was 5yo, digging in the dirt in Charlotte.

Naturally, I’m going to bring this back to homebirth and my crunchy ideas: One reason I chose homebirth is to avoid the scary hospital germs. (Back when The Informant was three weeks old, I had my gallbladder out. The day after I got home, I developed a post-operative infection and had to stay in the hospital for a week. I asked if she could stay with me and the doctor said absolutely not; the hospital was full of sick people and germs that could infect a poor newborn. I pointed out that she’d been born in a birth center attached to that very hospital!)

Also, I do not use antibacterial soap when I can help it. Even mayoclinic.com (under “hand washing do’s and don’t’s”) points out that the overuse of antibacterial XYZ can lead to bacteria that is resistant to antibacterial soap.

I also don’t use Method pump-soap because I’ve found it’s really drying.


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  1. […] God and her children washed their hands because they always do that before cooking and/or baking. Although God’s kitchen is not clean — Mary F. Poppins once said she couldn’t cook in a dirty kitchen, and God replied that if that were the case, she would never cook at all — she likes clean hands. Although not with alcohol based hand sanitizer. […]

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