Why Didn’t Beyonce Have a Homebirth?

First of all, I must be kind of slow on the uptake because although I knew that Beyonce was pregnant and due soon, I had no idea her birth would cause this level of drama.

The drama I’m referring to is the alleged maternity ward coup at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.  I’ve read — again, allegedly — that parents were kept from their children who were in the NICU, and security cameras were taped off.

I’m really surprised because I know there are lots of celebs who have babies — embarrassingly, usmagazine.com and people.com are like my go-to homepages — but I’ve never heard of something like that happening. (I did once read that when Celine Dion went into labor, she “bumped” some other mom who had reserved the VIP maternity suite.)

So my question is, why didn’t Beyonce have a homebirth?

I do not mean that in a snarky everyone-should-have-a-homebirth way. I mean that if she was going to redesign a maternity wing, have doctors and nurses at her beck-and-call, and maintain a modicum of privacy, why not have a homebirth? For the price I’ve read that she and Jay-Z paid (over $1 million, again, allegedly), she could have built a mini-hospital into one of her houses and had all the comforts of HOME — without compromising hospital security or separating families.

Also, when you have a homebirth, you control the first photograph seen by the paparazzi.

Porcelain Cousin It’s first photograph, maybe 20 minutes after birth.

Mah face, it is teh squishy.


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