MTV’s Teen Mom 2: Tsk, tsk, Leah.

Oh, MTV’s Teen Mom 2 Leah. Leah, Leah, Leah.

I wanted to like you. I really did.

I, too, found myself unexpectedly pregnant with twins (although I was a ripe old 23 years old, not 16 like you).

32 weeks pregnant with Animal and Mineral

I, too, was a single mom of twins (although I met My Chemical Romance when Animal and Mineral were a few months old, and we got married when they were about six months old; you married your babies’ daddy, unlike me.)

Animal and My Chemical Romance, almost 9 years ago.

I, too, gave my kids not-great names. Animal’s name is ACTUALLY A WELL KNOWN ANIMAL, and Mineral’s, well, it’s very easy for a kid to mess it up due to rhotacism. (Although, in my opinion, neither is as bad as naming your kids Aleeah and Aliannah when your own name is Leah. “Hi, I’m Leah and this is Ali and Aleeah! Did I mention I’m 16? I may live to regret these names.”)

But Leah, you lost me when you got pregnant again at 19 with your new boyfriend of a few months, approximately a year after you got married to your babies’ daddy. (She married her babies’ daddy in November of 2010, divorced him in April 2011, started dating her new boyfriend in August 2011 and got pregnant in November 2011.)

Your twins were unplanned. I get that. I get that. And I do believe that all children are a blessing — at least til they’re about 5 and develop an attitude, but you’ll find that out soon enough. Some children are unexpected blessings. But once you have an unexpected blessing — and you end up living in a trailer in West Virginia and cooking chicken out of a can — don’t you learn from that? Don’t you see that unless your life situation changes drastically — and I don’t think MTV is paying you that much, plus I think the only responsible thing for MTV to do is to cut you loose now, since they’re trying to crack down on young women who are glorifying pregnancy — you’re going to be in that trailer forever? 20 years old with three kids? On your second marriage? Statistically, second marriages have a higher rate of divorce than first marriages. Statistically, teen marriages end in divorce more frequently than older marriages.

Leah, Leah, Leah. On the show, you seem like a sweet, nice girl who is trying to be a good mom to her daughters. I’m sure you will be a good mom to the next baby. But your bad decisions just set you up — and set your children up — for a very difficult life.



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  1. Sounds just like my SIL. Some people will NEVER learn.

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