Leaving Facebook is Dumb/Facebook is great

As with every new year, I see status updates about people who are leaving Facebook. I think it’s dumb. Yes, Facebook is insidious — but so is having chocolate in the house, and that didn’t stop me from buying Oreos today at Super Target. (Where I nursed in public.) Here’s why Facebook is great and I’ll never leave:

1. It connects me to my family

Living in Raleigh, we’re about 800 miles from my family, and like 253252435235 zillion miles from My Chemical Romance’s family. I miss them. Thanks to Facebook I heard immediately when My Chemical Romance’s mom’s cousin (so, kind of like his aunt) died. Same with learning that his uncle had had a stroke. (Sometimes I even hear good news from his family.)  I’m able to show pics of the kids to family members and share in all their cute/dumb stuff. It has connected me with my aunt Alice’s sister, who posts the BEST links. Which brings me to #2

2. I actually learn things from links people share

Yes, I have you hidden if you post racist/sexist/misogynist/liberal-bashing crap (but if you do, why are we even friends in the first place?) but most of my friends post really interesting thought-provoking articles that I might not otherwise read. Particularly my midwife/doula/childbirth educator friends — I learn a lot from what I see posted there.

3. As I post stuff, I reconnect with old friends

I post my share of things that I find interesting and thought-provoking and I’m always happy when I see old friends comment on them. Especially parenting articles — I post a lot about nursing and have gotten so much support from old friends who are now having babies and nursing! I can think of several FB friends who I didn’t know that well in high school but now that I “know” them on FB, I really like them.

4. And avoid connecting with old frenemies

I used to accept nearly all friend requests, but one day I was looking at a “friend’s” pictures and thought, “She was SUCH A BITCH in high school. Why am I doing this?” The answer — to make fun of her now — didn’t sit well with me, so I friended the unfriend button.

5. And get to know new friends!

I’ve gotten to know many of Porcelain’s milk donors, moms from the local homeschool co-op, as well as moms I met at the Target Nurse In. I even friended the random guy on Craigslist who sold me a camera for Mineral’s Christmas present, and then drove me back to my house after I locked my keys in my (running) car and brought me back to my car.

What do you all think of Facebook?


3 Responses

  1. I find it to be addicting, immediate, completely intrusive, all-consuming, and the biggest time waster ever, which is all weirdly perceived as perfectly normal now! I can’t experience real life while I’m facebooking- and speaking of life- do you really think that you are getting a true picture into the lives of most people? You can be anyone you want on facebook, which I believe is part of it’s appeal. Not for me anymore.

  2. I tried to keep it real as well, but I think we all (even unintentionally) put our best selves out there. Because reading about people’s extremely personal marital issues and fights with their family or friends is not really fun either. 🙂 You really can’t win.

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