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Target Nurse-In

Of course I attended the Target Nurse-In. I love using breastmilk as a form of rebellion! In all seriousness, I am totally baffled by the reactions people have to public breastfeeding, but sadly, people DO have negative reactions to breastfeeding. It ranges from the somewhat-clueless (“Why can’t you just pump and feed the baby from a bottle?”) to the completely obnoxious and ignorant (“You say breastfeeding is normal, but so is peeing, and I’m not allowed to pee in public so why should you be allowed to breastfeed?”)

The truth is that when I’m nursing Porcelain in public, I don’t give a shit about YOU or how uncomfortable it makes YOU. I’m thinking of Porcelain and how she needs/wants nursies. However, some moms aren’t as… confrontational?… as I am. Some moms feel bad when people give them dirty looks or say nasty thing.

Indeed, I do feel bad that people want my baby to eat in the bathroom, or that I should ignore her needs until we’re in the car or at home rather than nurse her in public. 

I wish people would stop giving lip service to BREAST IS BEST and actually encourage breastfeeding. It is best for babies, it’s free, and it even helps moms — breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast cancer! However, the attitude that breastfeeding is something that should be hidden or done discreetly really discourages moms from nursing. Sometimes you just can’t nurse discreetly, like when you have a 1yo nursing. It looks like this:

So, I was at the Target Nurse-In in Cary, which happens to be the Target right by my house. I met some great moms — including a mom who works for the ACLU, she was a fantastic resource — and I happened to get on the news. Here I am, with Porcelain, at the Nurse-In.

Target Nurse In

(Trying to figure out how to embed it.)

2 Responses

  1. Awesome! That video rocked! You were very articulate (hard to do on the spot–I always stumble around and get all red in the face, I can’t imagine how I would be with a camera in my face), and porcelain very cute. We don’t have many Targets in Canada, mostly back east, so I couldn’t go but I cheered everyone on, on twitter and FB!

    Way to be the change. =)

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