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The Hook-Ups

**No this is not a post about my experiences in college**

These women went above and beyond to help me get milk:

1. MPP

I have literally known MP since elementary school, and thanks to Facebook we’re “friends” again. MP lives in Colorado and feels very passionate about breastfeeding — she has donated to the Colorado milk bank (and donating to a milk bank is a huge pain, as you have to answer a zillion questions and get tested and stuff). She emailed me one day after seeing my status update about needing milk for Porcelain, and offered to send me 200 ounces. From Colorado. How awesome is that?!?!? I did not need it thanks to local donors, but I’m so blown away by her generosity!

I have known MPP since I looked like this. Now, The Informant looks like this!

2. TGA 

Yet another old time friend. I was her freshman mentor in college — 1998! She had a baby last year and has been nursing him, and when I planned a trip to Michigan to visit family, she offered to pump for Porcelain so I would have a local stash. She pumped and pumped — and even a power outage couldn’t stop her. She and her family stayed somewhere else (at a hotel? with a family member who had power?) but she attached her milk freezer to a generator so it would stay cold. Every day TGA sent her husband to check on Porcelain’s stash while they waited for their power to come back. Sadly, we ended up not going on the trip because we moved here instead. But I appreciate the effort SO MUCH!

TA, in 1998, in a friend's dorm room.

3. Meliea aka The Hook Up Artist

Doula, childbirth educator, mom, wife, VBAC’er and all around amazing woman. She is no longer lactating, but when I was desperate for a few days worth of milk — my Jugs have older babies and didn’t pump enough to sustain Porcelain — she got me several hundred ounces of milk within an hour. Wii and I drove from one end of Charlotte to another collecting milk from her friends and clients. If you need some drugs, I can’t tell you where to go, but if you need some breastmilk just call Meliea.

4. SA, KP, LI and LT

All strangers — and now at least Facebook friends — who happily gave me milk for Porcelain. I share a special bond with LT because our babies were born on the same day. They’ll both turn 1yo on Christmas and love to nurse, get into everything and bite us. LT is a tiny thing, she kind of looks like Tinkerbell with dark hair, and her baby has more rolls on him than the Michelin Man. I love donor milk from mamas of chunky babies!

5. CJ

A fellow doula and childbirth educator, she said, “I have this milk that’s been in a deep freezer for two years but if you need milk please take it!” And I did. And I used it.


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  1. All parts awesome. Porcelain is so cute. And all your donors are amazing!

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