Things I Think About When I Can’t Sleep

1. What kind of dog we’re going to get.

We’re getting another dog. In 2014, when I’m 35. You see, we got Deuce (who now belongs to Dustin’s grandpa) when I turned 25. We got Maizey when I turned 30. So I’ve decided that when I’m 35, it will be time for another dog. I want to purchase a puppy — rather than getting a dog from the pound — because I like a blank slate to work with. Also, because I don’t want to kill a shelter dog. I’ve been going through the entire AKC registry of breeds with The Informant as part of homeschooling — we read about the breed, look at some webpages and then watch it on Dogs 101 which I know isn’t the best reference, but it gives us a general idea of the dog. Then she draws and colors pictures of the breed and labels it. I’m thinking about poodle or a French bulldog. I love love love Shetland Sheepdogs, but that’s too much fur/grooming for me. (Yes, I know poodles need to be groomed regularly, but I don’t have to do it personally).

Deucey Goosey.

2. I Have Failed My Baby At Commemorating Her

Yep, I have a baby — a nearly one-year-old, actually — but you wouldn’t know it by the pictures I take. Other than a few on my phone, the last picture I took of only her was in October.

Here she is... two months ago.

2.5 Also, Her Birthday Kind of Sucks

Luckily she’s only almost-one now, but someday it’s going to be the worst birthday in the history of ever. On my other kids’ birthdays, I make it a YES day — try to say YES to all requests — but Christmas is already kind of a yes day in which everyone is home and we open presents and My Chemical Romance makes Aebleskivers and we eat quesadillas all day and watch TV.

We may have to celebrate her birthday on her half-birthday.

3. I Need a Method of Keeping Track of Health Care Costs in 2012

Yeah, this is kind of a yearly resolution, like losing weight trying to stop biting my nails. But really. I do. My Chemical Romance takes several medications that require regular labs; I get my labs done twice a year (20 vials!) and see the chiropractor regularly. And, of course, Mineral sees a speech therapist and a doctor for his ADHD (have I mentioned he’s been diagnosed with severe ADHD? Yep) and we’re starting occupational therapy for him this week. I’m also thinking about speech therapy/occupational therapy for Animal, since he’s almost nine and doesn’t read and I think he might be dyslexic. If he sees the word CLASS he’ll say, LASER??? LIGHT??? LAST??? (And then he’ll just give up and say, “The? Helicopter?” It’s very frustrating for me.)

4. Why the fuck aren’t I sleeping right now?!?!?

My Chemical Romance’s alarm clock is going to go off in 27 minutes and then he’s going to hit snooze every nine minutes and then My Masterpiece is going to be up at 6:30 and then The Informant is going to go downstairs and pour milk, then cereal and the dog is going to bark to go out…



3 Responses

  1. my #2 is being tested right now for learning challenges. That description of Animal reading sounds reeeeeally familiar–and I think he might be ADD on top of that. Commisery.
    And I’m a cat person. So I’m not sure we can be friends. Though I’m willing to maybe overlook… because you are so funny =p

    • Gee, thanks! It took me a while to realize Mineral had ADHD because I’m with him all the time, so his behavior seemed normal to me. But no. I don’t want to blog about it too much, since it’s his story.

      • Interesting point, about not recognizing because of proximity… I had a similar experience with my #2’s speech impediments; seemed normal, or at least more normal than it was, because I was with him all the time.

        I think it’s cool that you don’t want to blog about it too much; especially once the kids reach a certain age it doesn’t feel so fair anymore to talk about them without permission. Particularly about sensitive stuff.

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