My Family Christmas Card

I’ve always been a little worried about posting pictures of my kids online. You never know what absolute psychos want to LOOK AT PICTURES OF MY FAMILY ONLINE!

Probably like fifty or so.

But the thing is, I want more blog readers. Someone suggested that I add pictures to my blog. Personal pictures. (Not that personal.)

Here I present to you, dear readers, my family:


2 Responses

  1. YEAH! This is the only thing I’ve ever felt was missing from your blog; images. I mean, I totally get the weirdos looking at kids thing and also the what if they get embarrassed when they are older thing, but also; humans like to hear stories, and they like them illustrated. True story.
    I would’ve been happy with more tiger and salt pictures, but this is even better. WOOT! =) THanks! And your kids are to die for cute. And I link your blog on FB sometimes; if you want more followers I will do that more!

    Also; did you disappear in November because of CarNoMo or whatever that write a novel thing is? Because I missed your posts….

    • Melissa, I’d love more readers so feel free to link. Thank you! Also, yes, I was absent in November due to NaNoWriMo. Now that I’ve finished writing the Worst Novel in the History of Ever, I’m back!

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