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One house, in need of a renter.

Our house in Charlotte, NC, is still for rent. I can only imagine that the busybody neighborhood queen is simply scaring people off, although it may be the fact that the grass hasn’t been mowed since we moved, over two months ago. Also, that the builders used cardboard might have something to do with it. But none of that detracts from the fact that the backyard is fenced and 1/3 of an acre and includes a garden with lovely fresh compost. Which apparently is attracting bugs to the garage. ARGH@#$%@#%@#$@$#@!!!!

I like our house here, but the proximity to all of our neighbors gives me claustrophobia. I have all the blinds/window treatments wide open; the neighbors can see me when I walk around naked and yet still I have a sense of being boxed in. Also, the windows open from the bottom, so if we open them, Porcelain pushes out the screens. None of this detracts from the fact that winter is rapidly approaching and I doubt we’ll be opening any windows for a while.

We do have a fireplace that I’d love to see get some action this season.

This new job for My Chemical Romance gives bonuses, but they will probably go toward paying for two houses ::facepalm::

A year ago right now I was pregnant with Porcelain, and tried to do a “free-range” Halloween (ie, let my kids go through our tiny three-street neighborhood by themselves) only to be foiled by another neighbor who called me after about 30 minutes to let me know that my kids were with her. She said it in such a way that implied I was totally neglectful but don’t worry, she could save the day! So I tromped off with my giant belly and walked around with the kids and her, and ate some candy. This year I’m sure I’ll be dragged along in another group — although this neighborhood is bigger and we have only lived here a couple months, so that’s fine with me. I might get to know more people.

My current friend count stands at two, which is cool but one of those is my next door neighbor and I’ve been friends with her since I moved in. I’ve suggested play-dates (how I loathe that word) with two other moms, but haven’t gotten much of a reception. Mary F. Poppins, Nice-Nice and I used to go to the same La Leche League meeting, and then afterwards we’d go out for lunch at Big Daddy’s (now known as Bad Daddy’s, but we call it ba-ddaddys). Occasionally we’d offer a mercy invitation to some clueless new mom who was in that phase where the only adult interaction she has is with an automated phone system. Most of the women we invited out, I liked a lot. The irony is not lost on me that right now I’D GIVE ANYTHING FOR A MERCY INVITE TO DO ANYTHING. I’d even act incredibly grateful and possibly bake you cookies and listen to you blather about anything while nodding and smiling at appropriate times. In fact, you might not even like me because I’d reek of desperation for friends. The truth is, I’m just lonely. I have awesome friends who are hours away, My Chemical Romance thinks that this is THE PLACE we may actually put down roots, and I’m lonely.

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