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Dear Lost Facebook Fan

Once upon a time, I had 48 Facebook fans. Mostly they were comprised of Jugs, Jugs-husbands and various moms from a local Mommies Network site, where my blog link in my signature. I was very proud that 48 people “liked” my blog. And then recently I saw that I’m down to 47. I realized that someone has abandoned ship. So here is my letter to her (I assume it’s a her):

Dear Lost Facebook Fan,

Come back to me! Please! I beg you!  It has come to my attention that you no longer “like” my page, and I’m very confused about this. You see, I am made of awesome. No, really. The Pioneer Woman may be a better writer, Dooce may take better photographs, Momastary may be more spiritual and The Bloggess may swear more, but I MAILED A DEAD FISH IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SUMMER. The only blog that I think may come close to mine in terms of awesome is Rants from Mommyland, but there’s (at least) two writers on that site, and they often invite guest bloggers (of which I’ve been one).

You see, Lost Facebook Fan, I’m a writer. Since we moved away from Charlotte, I have felt disoriented and bereft. I am away from my Jugs. I am away from all my other friends — my local friends, my homeschool friends, my birth-y friends, my crunchy mommy friends — and away from all the familiar places like Zack’s Hamburgers and Big Daddy’s (which feels my loss so keenly, it actually changed names, to Bad Daddy’s). My Chemical Romance’s new work schedule is o’dark-thirty in the morning til dark o’clock at night, plus I’ve found that I have to actually teach my children when I claim that I’m homeschooling them. Raleigh is rife and pulsing — with mosquitoes, that is, and my entire family is covered in bites to prove it. Including my BABY.  Things are fubar, yo.



In the midst of all this unhappy self-discovery, I realized that I’m a writer. I’ve been writing since I was young and I’ll keep writing, even if it’s only on a blog that 47 people like. I can call myself anything I want — lately Animal and Mineral have been retorting, when I ask them to do something, “Who do you think you are, the Queen of England?” and then laughing maniacally until I pointed out that there actually IS a Queen of England and she does NOT command her children to wash dishes and do laundry — and I’m calling myself a writer.

Writing in my journal and writing — even just online, even on Facebook to my friends — has kept me a little more sane in the month since we moved. Recently I’ve forced my kids to start writing in a journal every morning before we officially start homeschooling for the day so that I can spend 15 minutes on Facebook without being interrupted they can learn to write freely and daily.

I’ve been keeping a perpetual calendar since Jan 1 — first entry: “My Chemical Romance to ER at 2AM for stomach flu” — and even just a sentence every day helps. (By the way, that January 1 entry was the beginning of The Sick that all Jugs and most Jugs-husbands and Jugs-children got; it was a terrible flu that has even made Wii consider getting a flu shot this year.) I took some time off from the calendar when we moved, but I went back and filled in the blanks where I could.

So you see, Lost Facebook Fan, as a writer, I’m shocked — SHOCKED, I SAY! — that you no longer “like” my blog. I actually like my blog more now than when I began it. I like it so much, I’m considering getting my own domain so that I can claim it. I think my writing has improved, I think my editing is getting better and I think… did I mention I’m made of awesome?

I’d highly suggest you return, otherwise you may miss out on the story of how my newest local friend here almost didn’t befriend me — all because the first time we met, Animal pulled a knife on a kid at the park. I mean, come on! I can’t be the only mom whose 8yo is running around threatening small children with his Cub-Scout-issued pocket knife that My Chemical Romance swore was developmentally appropriate for him, right?

PS: If, however, you have left because the new Facebook sucks, I understand completely. Facebook, I wish I could quit you.

4 Responses

  1. I left because the new facebook sucks.

  2. Ok, I “liked” you on FB to make up for that one. 🙂

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