Nursing and Supplementing with donor milk: Now with even MORE distractions!

Previously on Nursing Porcelain: I had a breast reduction, I had four kids, I had weight loss surgery, I had Porcelain at home on the toilet on Christmas, I nursed her exclusively for about three months, she wasn’t gaining enough weight (and wasn’t happy), I started supplementing with donor milk, she got bigger and happier, I nursed and supplemented with donor milk.

The last few months of nursing Porcelain have been, uh, challenging. In my experience, from about six months onward is a little more difficult because of all the “oooh, a book to grab! Is that a person in the corner? Look, an overhead fan! Did one of my siblings just talk? Is that a dog barking?”– distractions. Porcelain is very easily distracted.

Problem number two is her teeth. She wants to chew on everything. If it wasn’t for the fact that my nipples are slower-flowing than the nipples on the bottles of donor milk, she might not get my breasts confused with a teething toy. Particularly righty, which currently has a scab from her chomping on me. I probably could have solved this problem long ago by using a SNS to nurse her, but say it with me, “The Pinnacle of Evil is a SNS.”

And yes, I do use a slow-flow nipple on the bottles.

But I prevail, I take my 160mg of Domperidone per day, and I nurse her. About four times a day. If she wakes up at night, there’s no way in heck I’m going downstairs and making a bottle, so she nurses then. She also nurses just after she wakes up in the morning, and when she wakes up from naps, and maybe one other time during the day. She really only gets milk when she wakes up in the morning and when she wakes up from a nap.

I vacillate between wanting to put her on my breast constantly, and thinking, Screw it, she obviously doesn’t need this. I usually think that only after putting her on my breast constantly and getting bitten constantly. But I persist. I recognize that when she’s kind of sleepy, and when I’ve slept all night, I have milk for her and she’ll drink it and not bite me. I recognize that even if she doesn’t get much from nursing, **I** get a lot from nursing. I love the closeness, especially now that she’s, ahem, distracted frequently and wants to crawl away from me and look around.

I am going to try my best to power through this and keep nursing her for as long as possible. Originally I said, “I want to nurse her til she’s 8!” (kidding! But I was hoping for a good two-to-three years) and now I’m not sure I’m going to get that long. But maybe I will. Things are changing and she is getting bigger but she is verrrrrrrrry attached to me, so I’m hoping we can find a way to continue nursing until a time when we’re both okay with stopping.


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  1. You’re a trouper. I linked to you recently on a post about milk sharing (which kellymom picked up on FB: WOOT!), because your story is so wonderful and unusual. Hopefully that got you some visiting traffic! I, too, have a distracted nurser: she’s been on strike for two days and I can only get her to nurse when she’s reallllly sleepy. Then in between times, she’s on strike from milk but hungry so she’s BITCHY! Dude! Like I don’t have enough problems, you have to add IRRATIONAL BITCHY BABY to the mix?! Yeesh. (eyeroll)

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