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The Thanksgiving Glass Incident

Recently I was talking to Little Miss Popular, and she was very upset because she’d just made spaghetti pie — the best meal on earth, unless you happen to have had your intestines re-routed, in which case you will only enjoy it til the acid from the tomatoes burns you from the inside out — and then her two-year-old broke a glass on it. Spaghetti pie plus glass.

In her defense, she didn’t actually expect her two-year-old to follow her instructions, which were, “Put that glass next to the sink.” Instead, he smashed it to pieces, right by the 8×13 pan of spaghetti pie.

She decided to feed it to her husband.

This reminded me of my first Thanksgiving with My Chemical Romance, in which the dish holding the mashed potatoes, like, disintegrated, and his grandmother scooped it up and put it in another dish, pronouncing it totally edible.

I think she may have used her hands to scoop it, too.

Everyone there — My Chemical Romance, his sisters, his mom, his aunts and uncles — balked, but she was adamant that we would eat those mashed potatoes. My Chemical Romance grew up just this side of poor, but I don’t think he ever had to eat glass before that day. I grew up never eating glass — nor vegetables. Now I eat vegetables, but I did NOT eat the glass mashed potatoes. Although after Little Miss Popular saw her husband survive the spaghetti pie plus glass incident, she ate it too.

Spaghetti Pie (by Stitches)

1) Make your sauce – however you like it on regular spaghetti, I just do a tomato based sauce with ground beef

2) cook your pasta – I like spaghetti the best but you can use any shape

3) combine pasta and sauce in a bowl/pot

4) in a 13 X 9 pan layer pasta mixture with toppings (cream cheese, swiss cheese, and mozzerella)  I usually do two layers of each pasta and cheese toppings.  Bake covered for 20 minutes at 350, then add one more layer of cheese on top (I use cheddar here) and bake for another ten minutes uncovered. 

5) Enjoy!

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