My (last) Pregnancy Belly Cast Update

When I did a belly cast with My Masterpiece, I had some inspiration: Arizona. Specifically the state flag. We were living in Arizona at the time, and yet I knew it wasn’t going to be our permanent residence. Maybe it was because I lived among a lot of military families, so it just felt like a transitory place. (Besides, you would not want to spend your entire life in this particular small town, which is right on the border of Mexico and California.) For my belly cast, I came up with this:

Why, yes, it bears a strong resemblance to Wonder Woman. Which also fits, because after having a homebirth I totally thought I was Wonder Woman. My Chemical Romance actually gave me a medal.

For my belly cast with Porcelain, I’ve been struggling to find a theme. She was born on Christmas day but we’re not Christian so I didn’t really feel like anything nativity-related. I thought about trying to include trees and presents and maybe tinsel, but that doesn’t really say anything about my  experience. We got our tree and decorated everything the day after Thanksgiving,  because I was just SO SURE that Porcelain would be born before Christmas and I wanted to have everything ready. I thought I might even labor around near the tree and lights, but that room was so cold — near the attic, just above the garage — that I avoided it completely. Plus, she wasn’t born for nearly a month.

I’ve been asking my Jugs for ideas, “Something that encompasses things like ‘horrified that I was pregnant again’ and ‘acting like a complete psycho” and ‘two weeks past my due date’ and ‘driving everyone crazy.’ Is there something like that, that I can put on there?” I asked Lady Beaver of the Syllables, who works at a museum. She didn’t know.

Tonight, it came to me: The Scream, by Edvard Munch. I will somehow incorporate it into my belly cast.


2 Responses

  1. I. Love. It.
    Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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