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The Almighty Cinco de Mommy: Willing Us to Move

Several months ago, after yet another run-in with the busybody neighborhood queen, I said to My Chemical Romance, “I just want to MOVE!”

Recently, I blogged on “things I hate about my house.”

And then, this week, My Chemical Romance accepted an offer for a job three hours away.

All of this proves one thing: Clearly, I am god. I have willed this to happen. All because I really enjoyed a particular Mexican restaurant the first time I visited the city.

For the record, REALLY good steak tacos.

We’re being relocated through a professional company, which theoretically means everything is taken care of, but I’ve done this before — it’s a huge pain and I need to do a LOT to get us ready.

Today I turned in a rental application for a house I’ve never seen before. Yes, that’s right, I’m going on faith — faith in the almighty ME AND MY TASTE IN HOUSES (close to Trader Joe’s, north/south facing, and a larger-than-my-current one kitchen). I’ve never moved this way before (although I did meet, marry and move cross country with My Chemical Romance in less than three months, but that involved my parents hiring a private investigator to vet him. This is just like, “Well, I guess that sounds like a nice street name… I’ve always wanted a pink kitchen…” I’ll take pictures when I actually get there.)

I’m not 100% sure when we’re moving, but I do know that My Chemical Romance’s first day of his new job is a week from Monday, so we have a lot do in a very short amount of time. I will will myself to get it done. I will will my local friends to help!

4 Responses

  1. Visiting your blog because I found you on Triangle Mommies! Love everything I’ve read so far! Good luck with the move and I hope to meet you soon!

  2. BOO!!! You prematurely got my hopes up. I wanted y’all to move to Dallas, so we could see you whenever we’re there visiting all my in-laws.

    • I’m sorry, that would have been awesome! Initially MCR gave a verbal acceptance to the company in Dallas, but the company near Raleigh just gave a wayyyyyyyyyyy better offer that Dallas couldn’t match.

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