Vacation Bible School for the Secular Family

My kids are finally finished with their three non-consequetive weeks of vacation bible schools. I enjoyed the time away, even though there was only one that took kids My Masterpiece’s age, so my version of “time away” mostly included Porcelain and My Masterpiece. The older three had fun and made friends and yada yada.

I’m a little nervous about indoctrination, especially as the VBS’ seemed to get more religious and pushy as time wore on. The Informant and Mineral actually wanted to pray tonight before dinner.

Mostly I wonder about other religions. Why don’t they have bible camps? Why is it strictly a protestant thing? Is it because I live in the south?

I don’t know a lot about religions, although I’ve been Bat Mitzvah’ed and Baptised. My knowledge of Judaism consists of whatever you have to know in order to have a Bat Mitzvah without learning any Hebrew; I haven’t been to synagogue in years. And it never really stuck, I always say that about being Jewish: it never felt like me. I never felt the urge to delve further into the history and the practices or go to Synagogue. It felt more like a jacket I tried on when I was young than my own skin.

I’ve gone to several types of Protestant churches, and although I tried to make myself feel comfortable in them, I never really accepted that part of my life either. First I’m a huge supporter of equal marriage rights, and second I kind of hate the urging to tithe or donate to the church. It feels pushy. I have been to a church that was known as the liberal church for gay biracial families with adopted special needs children but I felt too mainstream to attend. When I was pregnant with Animal and Mineral, single and lonely, I was taken in and adopted by a wonderful church in Ann Arbor, but I kind of gave that up when I met and married My Chemical Romance, who is decidedly Agnostic. He is unsure as to whether there is proof for or against the existence of god, like a “good Agnostic,” according to Nice-Nice.

Someone once suggested that my personal beliefs lined up with Paganism, until she discovered that I happily kill bugs dead and wouldn’t dream of camping, except in my nightmares.

I don’t know. I wish I could find something that incorporated sleeping in on weekends, a belief that everyone should be allowed to get married, a non-belief in one religion as superior to others, and a place where people could be celebrated for being humans — and not asked to donate money. It could take or leave the bible. I’d also like to send my kids to camp for a few weeks in the summer without having to answer uncomfortable questions about eternal damnation. Is there a religion out there for me?


6 Responses

  1. Have you tried the Belief-o-Matic?

    It sounds cheesy and lame, but it was spot-on for me. 🙂

  2. unitarian universalists are great!

  3. Dude, you are so UU – I thought that before even reading this post. I’m UU and we love our fellowship! I found you through TM – PM me (MamaCanard) if you wanna get all the kids together for a Sunday service 🙂

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