Feel Good Movies for Kids

My Masterpiece is at that adorable age — actually, she’s My Masterpiece, and therefore every age she’s at is adorable — where she is very insistent about what she loves and hates. She wants to eat the same food over and over, she wants to wear the same clothes over and over, and she wants to watch the same movie over and over.

The movie is Cars.

I love Cars. The Informant’s movie at this age was Curious George, which we watched approximately 7000 times, and Animal and Mineral watched The Music Man and The Sound of Music and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Singin’ in the Rain. (Some might say I was trying to turn them gay. Sadly, it didn’t work, as far as I can tell. Especially Animal, he loves women.)

I’m really glad it’s not Up or Finding Nemo or even Toy Story 3 because those are all such sad movies. Seriously, I remember seeing Finding Nemo in a theatre with My Chemical Romance and I was practically having a panic attack because it was so.darn.sad. His mommy! His brothers and sisters! His poor little fin!

Don’t even get me started on the life scene Up.

But My Masterpiece loves Cars, or as she calls it, Racecars. I like it because there’s absolutely nothing offensive or remotely scary about it. As someone who spend the better part of a decade scared to death after watching a few minutes of Howard the Duck, I appreciate a boring, family-friendly, feel good movie for kids.

I also like that it’s not the typical girly girl movie, although she does like all the typical princess stuff that’s insidious with young girls. I try not to make a big deal out of it, but I really don’t want the girls to think that beauty and poufy dresses are the apex of life. Or that Prince Charming is coming and they’re going to live in castles and “never have to clean up.” (The four verbal kids tell me that constantly — “When I grow up I’m going to never have to clean up!” Take that, Mom!)

I am not a particularly girly girl myself, but I do love a good episode of Say Yes to the Dress in which the bride’s dress budget is $10,000. In fact, I watched so many episodes of it, I began to roll my eyes when someone would come in with a budget of $1500. I mean come on, cheapskate! My own wedding dress was $500, and then I had it altered and also got a bustier that went from my neck to my knees and had bones in it. BONES. I fought hard to look good in that dress.

This week, Animal, Mineral and The Informant are at yet another bible camp, learning still more about Jesus (motto: Saving Moms’ Sanity Since Summer 2011!) and I’m at home with the napping Porcelain, watching Cars over and over with My Masterpiece. Being the fourth child, most of what she does is chosen by her brothers and sisters, so I’m happy to give her a few days to do whatever she wants to do. And that is watching Racecars.


2 Responses

  1. My kiddo loves Cars. I’ve tried to find other movies like it. But it’s virtually impossible. Why do all movies have to have death and strife and horrible danger?! Sometimes it’s nice to just sit and relax and enjoy a lighthearted movie. Did you ever find any other movies like Cars?

    • Not really. Cars is my old standby. How to Tame Your Dragon is second, although Hiccup’s mom is dead (but that happens offscreen before the movie).

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