Random Act of Kindness: Thank you, Stranger

Dear Man Who Was Trying to Give a Lightning McQueen Cars Toddler Bed to Goodwill, but They Wouldn’t Take It, so I Said I Would Take It,

Thank you. Thank you so much! Not only did you offer the Lightning McQueen Cars toddler bed to me, but you tried to fit it into my car. When it wouldn’t fit in my car, you asked where I lived and offered to follow me home and deliver it. Thank you!

I often lament the things my children don’t have because there are so many of us and we don’t have money for extras. My amazing friends have given me a lot of the necessities for Porcelain, and My Masterpiece has more clothes than she could wear in a month, but we don’t have Carowinds passes and we have never been to Great Wolf Lodge. Eating out is reserved for Kids Eat Free nights, and my parents pay for The Informant’s swim team. My Chemical Romance’s parents paid for Cub Scout camp for Animal and Mineral.

We provide the basics — and we eat well, and we do have the Western North Carolina Wildlife Pass so we get into some zoos and museums and things for free, and we go to movies at the dollar theatre — and I can only hope that being in a large family brings some extra fun (and extra crazy) for them. I am an only child and it was and is lonely.

So, I never thought I’d be able to give My Masterpiece a Lightning McQueen toddler bed. It’s just “not a necessity right now.” (A few weeks ago, a bikini wax was, but I just consider that good hygiene.) My Masterpiece loves cars. Ever since she discovered one of Animal’s or Mineral’s little toy cars, she has loved sitting on the floor rolling them around. (I jokingly refer to it as her “autistic habit,” since she lines them all up perfectly and rolls each car back and forth, very seriously.) When she was old enough to see the movie Cars, she fell in love with it. She calls it Racecars, and she asks to watch it eleventy billion times a day. It’s her thing.

Today, thanks to you, Stranger, I was able to surprise her and bring her some joy.


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