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Survivor Redemption Island: Please Redeem Yourself, Show.

I’m sure I’m not the only one watching this installment of Survivor. It’s consistently a very popular show, and I let the kids watch it with me because there’s the occasional Teaching Moment  (don’t build your shelter next to a fire! or too close to the ocean!) but this season is so boring.

There are three scenes, then tribal council.

1. Rob tells his tribemates what to do/they tell him everything they know.

And granted they know very little, but still. One can only watch Rob smirk and wink so many times before it gets boring. 

2. 20-year-old blondes in binkinis sit around doing nothing.

Aha, this is why the show is so popular! In all seriousness, I literally do not know their names. I take that back, I do know their names, but I have no idea who is who. 

3. Philip acts crazy.

Is he or isn’t he? (Fill in the blank: crazy, gay, a former federal agent, part Native American, bipolar, stuffing coconuts in his fuschia manties?)

Tribal Council: Rob’s tribe votes out the other tribe, one at a time. Really, I don’t even remember what Rob’s tribe was originally named, I just know they’re Rob’s tribe. He tells them what to do, he tells them when and what to eat and where to sleep. Yawn.

While I commend the non-Rob tribe for voting out Russell, because he’s a disgusting misogynistic pig, this season makes a clear argument for “Might Makes Right.” Rob’s tribe has the numbers, and they’re just killing it out there.

I’ve been hoping for a coup. At least try and kill Caesar, Rob’s tribe! Sadly, Rob’s tribe includes three 20-year-old nameless blonds in bikinis, and Philip and Grant. The nameless blonds seem to vapid, Philip is too crazy, and Grant is just one man. So I suppose I’ll be watching this until one of the blonds wins the million dollars. And tells America her name.

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