New Baby Resolutions: Fail (mostly)

When I first found out I was pregnant with Porcelain, I was excited about my New Baby Resolutions. I’d had four children before, but over the years I’ve learned more and more about mothering and attachment parenting, and I wanted to do some new things this time around. (I also had some New Pregnancy Resolutions, including not getting any ultrasounds and not gaining more than 20lbs. EPIC FAILS, both.)

My New Baby Resolutions were exclusively breastfeeding, cosleeping, and elimination communication — or cloth diapers when not doing EC.

Here’s how I’m doing:

Exclusively Breastfeeding

I enjoy breastfeeding — I enjoy the nursing relationship. The great “benefit” of formula is that the whole family can be involved in feeding. Dad can feed the baby. Grandma can feed the baby. Total strangers who may or may not be child molesters can feed the baby. (When The Informant was about four months old, I left her with a stranger, a neighbor, so that I could go get stitches on my finger. Why did I need stitches on my finger?– I cut it while opening a can of formula. I have the scar to prove it.)

Something I did not understand until My Masterpiece was born was that, unlike formula feeding, breastfeeding fosters a relationship. That relationship is calling nursing, and it includes tons of oxytocin — the LOVE hormone — and a baby who gazes adoringly.

Porcelain and I have a nursing relationship. She is exclusively breastfed. It’s just not exclusively my breasts. Which is not what I imagined.


At first I coslept, because Porcelain nursed 1000% of the time and I’d be up and down all night long if she wasn’t in our bed. After she moved past that phase, I didn’t have plans to crib train her or anything, but we do have a crib in our room.  And I do see the benefit of having a crib, especially when babies get mobile. Once I learned the difference in her cries — tired versus hungry; that’s about all she cries over — I tried putting her in her crib when I heard tired cry. If she went to sleep, cool; if not, I coslept or realized I was misinterpreting the cry and nursed more. Now she sleeps in her crib when we’re home and she’s tired. I do sleep a little easier without her in our bed — I sprawl out more — but I bring her to bed with me when she wakes up at night and sometimes we cosleep for the rest of the night.

Elimination Communication

I was very gung-ho for EC, but My Chemical Romance has hated it since Day 1. It’s definitely kind of weird after having four kids in diapers. But with diapers, babies get accustomed to sitting in their own waste — and then they do it daily for 2-3 YEARS, which is kind of gross. However, EC involves a lot of pee that doesn’t hit a diaper or potty — and it winds up on clothes. Specifically mine. Sometimes on my bed. Sometimes on the floor, on My Chemical Romance’s shirt, on the dog. (Tonight it ended up on my leg. Winning!)

When we’re out, I was putting her in cloth diapers — prefolds and covers — but then she got an awful yeast rash. It’s my fault; I don’t have much bacteria in my gut, good or bad, which in turn means I don’t have a lot of good bacteria in my breastmilk. Yeast, plus a wet cotton diaper, covered in polyurethane laminate, equals yeast that will not quit. So, for now Porcelain is in disposables.  And yeast cream.

I also made a New Year’s Resolution to start doing the exercises found in Strong Women Stay Young twice a week. Don’t even ask. The dumbells are doing a great job collecting dust and working as bookends.


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