Why I Hate the Local Library, Reason #25235253

There’s a limit on holds.

I find that truly annoying. My local branch is small; they just don’t have a lot of books, particularly newer fiction. If I went in there just looking for a good book, I might not find one without searching — and when I’m in there with five kids, I don’t get a lot of time to search. My Masterpiece tends to wander around shrieking randomly, which the librarians do not appreciate. The Informant plays on the kids’ computers and turns the volume up (while wearing headphones) and so she yells too BECAUSE SHE CAN’T HEAR ME WHEN I TELL HER TO TURN DOWN THE VOLUME SO SHE CAN HEAR ME.

The children’s area is decent. They have a good amount of books, and I like what I find there for the kids. But the adult fiction area is severely lacking.

So, I use holds. Right now I’m on hold for Swamplandia; The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks; Sing You Home; A Discovery of Witches; I Am Number Four; and others. I say “others” because you can only have 10 holds.

10 holds.

10 holds?!?!?!?!

10 holds — for a library that has only a few copies of each book. (Remember how I was #355 for Room?)

I feel… censored, in a way. Like, why does the library care how many holds I have? Why are they trying to repress me from reading new fiction bestsellers? There are hundreds of books I want to read; I have to choose my top ten, and then when one comes in, I get to put in a new hold. It’s really a lot of pressure on me to make these types of decisions!

By the way, this policy is fairly new; prior to January 1, holds were unlimited. Every week was like book-Christmas, one of my holds would come in. Now I have to wait and hoard.


6 Responses

  1. Put the holds on Dustin’s, Tiger’s, Rory’s, Allegra’s, Sidney’s, and Celeste’s library card. Play the game!!!

  2. I feel your pain. I live in a fairly large community and we have 5 or 6 library branches. Up until a few months (or maybe weeks) ago we could only have 5 holds, now it is up to 20 woohoo!!! I have 4 kids and never have time to search for books so I only use holds as well.

    • Do you have limits on hold times too? Like, you must pick it up within 5 days or whatever? We have that, and the library is only open four days per week, so often I lose my hold and have to start the entire process again.

  3. Hey, cincodemommy! I’m going to delurk, because it’s about time. I can’t remember how I found your blog~I’m pretty sure it was a link on someone else, maybe Hobo Mama? Anyways, I’ve been lurking since you were cream of mommy soup, sometime last fall. And I wanted to say hello because it’s nice when new lurkers say hello. I generally find it feels like unearthing a free gift certificate to Dairy Queen or something =)
    I love your blog. Your writing style is right up my alley. I especially particularly love your family and friend nicknames (I tend to grant my moods nicknames, but not my family, which I probably should to protect them on the internet but lets face it, I don’t have the energy to remember who is who with their REAL names…), your ongoing library wars, and the Urologist of Doom posts. We’re having the same nut chopping conversations in our house, so I read my dh your urologist posts aloud and we both pee our pants laughing.
    Awesome writing, keep it up! I love your blog. Oh yes, and I’m a big natural birth nutter too, so I loved your posts about the march for midwifery. Go midwives!

  4. p.s. my name is Melissa

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