North Carolina Friends of Midwives Birth Freedom March (details)

There was more to the NCFOM Birth Freedom March than just, “I nursed. I ate tacos and they were really good!

I didn’t take any pictures because I was traveling with Lora Denton, the unofficial official homebirth photographer of Charlotte, NC. She also has two photographs on the cover of Midwifery Today — and she took Porcelain’s newborn pics. Since I was traveling with my own personal paparazzi, I figured I wouldn’t need to take my own pictures. (Here are Lora’s pics of the entire event, including the taco place!) So let me try to describe: 

Once we arrived and got babies settled in carriers and bladders emptied into toilets and signs held aloft, we walked to the meetup location. There were so many people! I know there are a lot of families in North Carolina who support homebirth, but we’re also the same families who have babies and older kids and busy lives. The turnout was bigger than I’d imagined. I’m really proud that nearly all of my Jugs were there — and even Mary F. Poppins, as I said, who is neither American nor a resident of North Carolina.

It was a gorgeous, perfect day to be marching outside. Most people had handmade signs advocating for CPMs in North Carolina. NCFOM really wanted the march to be about legalizing midwives, not about the one particular midwife who was arrested. There were moms and dads and strollers and carriers and toddlers and big kids — lots of homeschoolers learning about legislation — all marching. The police stopped traffic so we could all stay together. NCFOM had also requested that we not look like dirty hippies, so most of us… didn’t look like dirty hippies. (This reminds me of shopping at an Old Navy with my friend Emily, when we ran into another friend who was also shopping there. All three of us had had homebirths, and there we were, shopping at Old Navy like normal people.)

At the end of the march, we settled around the green between the legislative buildings. We made a circle in single file, and held a moment of silence. It was amazing how many people were there, that we could stretch around the entire green. Then we broke and sat in the middle of the green while Russ Fawcett talked.

*Here I am embarrassed to admit I didn’t listen very carefully. I was too busy running into tons of people I knew from online and in real life. Doulas, midwives, friends, homebirth advocates. It was like a meeting of the coolest North Carolina people ever, all in one place.

And then it was time to meet with our reps, which I detailed in my last blog post about the march; one was great and one wasn’t. I should note that NCFOM was so helpful: Lisa Fawcett had lists of legislators and their building number and room number so we could find them, and if you were too nervous to talk to your rep, a NCFOM member would attend with you to bring up the talking points. The entire day was so well organized, NCFOM did a fantastic job.

And then we had awesome tacos before going home.


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