The Library Wars

Recently I suggested a purchase to the library. You know the library, the one that is combining with my postpartum hormones to drive me utterly insane? That library. The one that holds books hostage and charges for rentals? Same library.

I suggested a book called I Thought It Was Just Me (But It Isn’t): Telling The Truth About Perfectionism, Inadequacy and Power by Brene Brown. An interesting sociocultural look at women and this concept of “shame” that we all seem to feel about something or other. On Amazon, it has 25 reviews: 22 of them are five-stars; two are four-stars. Overall it’s #210 in bestsellers, and #1 in nonfiction/women’s studies, #1 in health mind and body/personality.

I mean, really, why wouldn’t my (large) county library system own it? But they don’t. So I suggested it. I thought it was a fair suggestion, it looks like a fascinating book — seriously 22 five-star reviews! If it’s less dry than Kohn, I’ll be in heaven.

And they said NO.

Actually they said, Thank you for your recent suggestion for purchase.  The Library is unable to purchase the item listed below due to budget constraints.

Okay, seriously, library, you’re really starting to piss me off now. It’s $11. Surely you can scrape together $11 to get one copy of this book, no?

And, more importantly, who’s going to send me a copy of this?


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