Another take on Charlie Sheen…

In all seriousness, for once —

My family is full of addicts and mentally unstable folk. Full. I have a relative who took off for several years and changed his name to Jesus and then we found him selling hot items on eBay under the name Jesse Levine. Could you make that up? His mother has bequeathed all her worldly goods to him. Le sigh.

I had a family member who was addicted to drugs, then committed suicide.

And I have these five somewhat-lovely human beings I’m trying to raise somewhat properly, and worried like hell that I’m passing down these awful genes. (We won’t even talk about the obesity and cancers and cholesterol and blood pressure. I’ll just leave that to your imagination.)

So for all the crazy WINNING and TIGER BLOOD and ADONIS DNA and MELTING BRAINS — Charlie Sheen is still someone’s baby.

Nobody from his family is saying anything and I think that’s probably best because what can they say? We love someone who is mentally unstable. We love someone who loves drugs. He won’t let us help him, he’ll only reach out to the public who doesn’t really love him the way we do. They don’t even know him.

Or maybe they’re not saying anything because they’ve given up. Maybe they’re waiting for him to hit rock bottom. Maybe they’re going to Al-Anon and have made a commitment to hold on to their boundaries after he’s taken advantage of them. (Or not; maybe they just have boundaries because they’re normal people.) But they could be waiting a long time; Charlie Sheen has the resources to continue riding this train for years. Even if he’s not working and making $3 million per episode.

I feel sad for his family — but also for the thousands of other men and women who are mentally unstable and on drugs and don’t have his resources. This isn’t a new story. This probably happens every day. Except others don’t have tons of money and goddesses and Ustream and Twitter and TV interviews and mansions. It’s somewhat amusing for the viewing public to watch Charlie Sheen, but it’s less amusing when you think about the average 45-year-old divorced man with children to support.


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