Mars and Venus: My Husband was Right

I have broken two plastic chairs by sitting on them; once when I was pregnant with Animal and Mineral at a church dinner, and once when I was pregnant with My Masterpiece at a park. The latter was a chair I’d bought from Target after My Chemical Romance had bought some fancy camping chairs that I thought were unnecessarily expensive and too high quality for their purpose (sitting). He bought the chairs; I returned them and came home with two cheap plastic chairs. He said, “No offense, but you’re going to sit on one of those and break it.” I proceeded to sit on one of the chairs and break it. I weighed 275lbs at the time, but still. He told me that it would be worth our money to invest in chairs with a 300lb weight limit (probably hoping that I’d never hit 300lbs. I didn’t.)

The weather has been unseasonably warm lately, and when the kids bring out the camping chairs so I can sit in our front yard and watch them ride their bikes and scooters and climb trees*, I’m reminded of the chair I broke (RIP). And how, by extension, My Chemical Romance was right.

*I love homeschooling.

He’s right; we don’t have a lot of money, but sometimes it’s worthwhile to invest in high-quality items for the long term.

He has had his moments (yes, I’m thinking of the $2000 dog house which we left in San Diego). But when I see him pushing the lawnmower uphill in our backyard, I wonder why I was so adamant that we shouldn’t get a riding mower (nor an extra-wide gate that could accommodate a riding mower). When I use his electric drill — why yes, of course I know how to use a drill! — I’m glad he bought it, along with the spare batteries so that we never have to wait for it to charge.

And I hope the owners of our former house in San Diego have dogs.



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