Postpartum Hormone Update: Patron Appreciation at the Library!

So, I wrote a strongly worded letter to the library board of trustees regarding my recent drama about “Room” by Emma Donoghue:

I would like to relate an incident that occurred at the library on February 9, 2011. I am a member of the library, and a stay-at-home mom of five young children. Typically we visit the library each week. On Wednesday February 9, I picked up several of my holds, including “Room” by Emma Donaghue. While attending to my five children, I accidentally misplaced “Room” and inadvertently left the library without it. When I arrived home, I called the library to find out if I’d left the book there. The librarian confirmed that “Room” had been found and checked in – without noting that it had originally been checked out under my account. She told me I could not have “Room” again, and that my only recourse was to be placed back on the waitlist at number 355. While I recognize that I erred by misplacing the book, I am shocked that the librarians were unwilling to help me. A simple check of the book would have shown that I had checked it out a mere hour or two before, and as I am a regular patron of the library, I expected more courtesy in light of the simple human mistake. In fact, when I became upset over the phone, the librarian told me that it was “just a book,” not realizing that I had been on the waitlist for this book since October 2010, over four months. I feel I was treated very poorly by the librarians and would like an opportunity to check out this book as soon as possible. Being number 355 on the waitlist, I do not want to wait another four months for the book to become available.

By some MIRACLE, I received a call the next morning that there was a copy available. By that time, however, my wonderful friend Heather E of It’s Twinsanity had sent me the book. So now I have two copies of Room and I’m making sure everyone I know reads it!

Also, it was Library Patron Appreciation Day today so not only did I get my book, I also got Hershey’s kisses. Take that, librarians!


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